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Island Breeze: Reyn Matsunaga’s Scion FR-S


Photos via Danny Castillo
Hawaii is a little piece of heaven on earth. You look to your left and see the soothing blue waves of the pacific ocean, to the right an intimating volcanic mountain landscape filled with beautiful greenery. The only thing that can make this land of beauty better is enjoying its smooth coastal roads in an airred out ride, and that’s exactly what Reyn Matsunaga of Kaneohe, Hawaii is doing with his bagged 2013 Scion FR-S.scion-frs-toyota-airrex-bagged-air-ride-airsociety-019Having been through many projects already and searching for a new ride Reyn finally made a decision after spending hours on the AirSociety forums getting addicted to air suspension, and Ft86club forums getting addicted to a fresh new car on the market.scion-frs-toyota-airrex-bagged-air-ride-airsociety-018Reyn knew exactly what he wanted, a reliable daily driven scion FR-S that would be driven low and parked lower, all the while being able to perform his daily commute with 3-4 copilots and never having to worry about bottoming out or hurting his new baby.scion-frs-toyota-airrex-bagged-air-ride-airsociety-015To make the car stand out an aggressive yet sleek Five Axis body and rear wing kit was added to the car, accompanied with blacked out headlights and an HID kit to light up the nights sky.scion-frs-toyota-airrex-bagged-air-ride-airsociety-010scion-frs-toyota-airrex-bagged-air-ride-airsociety-012Next came a set of 18×9.5″ ET40 57 Xtreme Gram Lights painted Matte Graphite to add a subtle yet powerful set of shoes to a wild exterior.scion-frs-toyota-airrex-bagged-air-ride-airsociety-003AirREX Digital Air Suspension was the icing on the cake. Front camber plates and rear pillow ball mounts made sure that Reyn would be able to get his car tucking his tires deep. scion-frs-toyota-airrex-bagged-air-ride-airsociety-011When it came to both style and performance, Reyn had only one option: AirREX. Their bag-over-coil style front struts with adjustable dampening control make sure he’s always able to enjoy spirited drives on the back roads of Hawaii, drift the car on weekends and participate in track events while still maintaining varying degrees of comfort and practicality. scion-frs-toyota-airrex-bagged-air-ride-airsociety-021scion-frs-toyota-airrex-bagged-air-ride-airsociety-008Reyn would like to give a shout out to Marshall and Paul at ForjWorks for the quality air ride, FIVE:AD and AutoCustoms, Scion Evolution Hawaii, and last but not least the boys at FT86club and AirSociety for helping pick the perfect car and air ride. scion-frs-toyota-airrex-bagged-air-ride-airsociety-001

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