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Finally Famous: AJ Gottron’s MK5 GTI


Photos via Adam Gottron
After years of hustling and trying to make a name for himself, 19-year-old Adam “AJ” Gottron is finally famous. All it took was a MK5 Volkswagen GTI and a little TLC.mk5-gti-bbs-rs-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airlift-airsociety-006It all started at the young age of 16 when he got his hands on a rather clean 2008 GTI. At the time he knew very little about cars but used his new purchase as way to dive head first in to the aftermarket modification world.mk5-gti-bbs-rs-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airlift-airsociety-001AJ began by looking for friends who shared a mutual interest in the aftermarket VW scene to help him get a better handle on what he had in store. 9 of his boys got together and founded Lowcally Famous and immediately put their heads together in order to find a way to get this MK5 up to par. mk5-gti-bbs-rs-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airlift-airsociety-002They began on tweaking the exterior and worked on giving the VW a sleek OEM+ attitude. The front bumper was shaved and complimented with a Votex front Lip. The sides also got the Votex treatment while an OEM R32 valance made its way onto the rear and mated to a matching 2″ straight pipe exhaust.mk5-gti-bbs-rs-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airlift-airsociety-010The inside saw a comfortable set of Corbeau racing seats take the place of the existing seats and a slew of OEM R32 accessories ensured his APR Stage 2 tuned motor would get the attention it deserved. mk5-gti-bbs-rs-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airlift-airsociety-004Like most people entering the scene, AJ’s GTI started off with a set of lowering springs and quickly progressed to coilovers; it

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was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened. AJ picked up a set of Air Lift Slam Series front and rear bags and Autopilot V2 management system. mk5-gti-bbs-rs-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airlift-airsociety-005A clean trunk setup was necessary in order to keep up with the exterior appearances. A custom minty powder coated 5-gallon air tank was mated to a single ViAir 430c compressor and tucked deep inside the recesses of his hatch.mk5-gti-bbs-rs-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airlift-airsociety-008Now that the hard part was done, AJ moved onto the cherry on top of his ice cream sundae. After chewing through 6 sets of wheels including 3 sets of BBS’ Adam has landed a perfectly fitted set of rollers. mk5-gti-bbs-rs-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airlift-airsociety-00717″ BBS RS wheels were assembled to 16″ mint colored faces via a set of staggered 16″ to 17″ Rotiform step-up lips and barrels. Chrome dipped bolts and the hex caps polished with white center caps finalize the fitment he was looking for from the beginning and it was finally time to sit back and stare at his ride. mk5-gti-bbs-rs-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airlift-airsociety-003Now that AJ is able to reap a bit of reward from his ride, he’d like to give a shout out to his boys at Lowcally Famous for their never ending supply of knowledge and his parents and girlfriend for supporting him during his 3 year build.

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