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Young & Ruckless: Timmy Turner’s Honda Ruckus


Photos via Adam Gottron

Riding a motorcycle has always been Timmy Turner’s dream. Being 20 years old and still attending school means that he needs to live at home with his parents while he saves up enough cash to get his own place. This is where his dream and his reality clash, fortunately out of the ashes came this bagged 2009 Honda’s parents are understandably hesitant toward the idea of him driving around on a motorcycle. Timmy had a lot of work to do to win over his folks and convince them that owning a Ruckus was more about driving low and slow than high-speed runs down the word games with parents rarely goes over easy, when they say no motorcycles they usually include scooters in that category as well. When Timmy came home with his new purchase after weeks of searching online, his grin was quickly wiped off his face and he was on the verge of getting an earful until his parents saw just how much this bike meant to him. Timmy was now cleared for takeoff and this Honda was up for a major the first thing to go was the puny 50cc motor in place of an overhauled 200cc BMS Pathfinder GY6B case that was bored out to accept a 65mm ceramic coated piston. A port and polished 4-valve head with hardened valves to match the 30mm intake and clocking flange were next to find their way onto the motor coupled to a 30mm CVK OKO up came an FM Racing clutch with a drilled and lightened clutch bell housing which delivered power from the upgraded lightweight variator and A9 camshaft, behind the polished Composimo Anklebiter CVT cover down to the that the motor was out being rebuilt, Timmy moved onto shaving the frame with welded motor mounts. A fresh coat of black paint quickly covered all the remaining bumps and bruises that were left from the custom frame-work and a one-off Louis Vuitton, leather wrapped seat sealed her off from the made adjustable handlebars replaced the stock bars and new billet aluminum front disc brake lever with Fluid reservoir upgraded the stopping power of this overhauled cruiser. Stage 6 Slim controls with a rewired and hidden push-to-start button upgraded the functionality of the Ruckus while the hidden horn button kill switch upgraded its engine and brake upgrades were a good beginning but that power needed proper wheels and tires in order to transfer it all tho the pavement properly. A set of brand new 12″ x 3″ front and 12″ x 8″ rear wheels wrapped in stretched out white wall rubbers contrast cleanly with the all black became clear to Timmy that at this point of his build, if he wasn’t prepared to go all the way on the suspension he was going to be left in the dust. RRGS Low Down front forks with springs adjusted to ride lower replaced the stock front end. Out back went a single stainless steel air cylinder mated to custom-made single Bag Riders paddle valve was mounted to the battery box. This fed air via a ViAir 95c compressor hidden in the battery box, through ¼” air lines and into a ¼-gallon air tank powdercoated black with psi gauge the dust settled and Timmy was finally ready to show his parents his handiwork, he knew he was proud of his creation. Upon seeing the bike, Timmy’s dad even asked to take it for a spin around the neighborhood. As much as they didn’t like the idea of him owning a bike, Timmy’s parents saw focus, motivation and a willingness to succeed that made them proud of everything Timmy had Dayton, OH resident knows that without the support of his friends in Lowcally Famous and his girlfriend Emily, he’d still be bumming rides to school in a bus instead of causing a ruckus in his Honda

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