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Rumble in the Jungle: Shane Austin’s STi


Photos via Adam Gottron
The throaty rumble of pushrod V8’s drew 19-year-old university student Shane Austin into cars at an early age. Motivated to do better than what his pops had done and to build his own legacy to pass down to his kids, he picked up a 2008 Subaru STi and began the long road to setting her apart from the rest.airsociety-subaru-sti-air-lift-airlift-accuair-ride-suspension-rotiform-sna-004Growing up in a household dominated by various generations of Corvettes, Shane would accompany his father on road trips to various car shows taking in their beauty and dreaming of the day when he would be old enough to have his very own nice car. airsociety-subaru-sti-air-lift-airlift-accuair-ride-suspension-rotiform-sna-007At the age of 16 he would drive his fathers Corvette under the very watchful eye of his old man himself. His desire for driving his own car increasing as close friends began building their own projects. airsociety-subaru-sti-air-lift-airlift-accuair-ride-suspension-rotiform-sna-012Eager to catch up, Shane took up a job washing private jets at a local airport, banking every penny towards a Ken Block Gymkhana inspired Subaru. After a thorough search he located a mint low mileage 2008 STi which set his project in motion earlier than he anticipated.airsociety-subaru-sti-air-lift-airlift-accuair-ride-suspension-rotiform-sna-010A stage 2 Cobb tune mated to an Invidia exhaust were the first engine mods that were added on. These simple tweaks brought the STi to a whopping 330whp making her more than just a pretty face but something that can hold her own on the streets. airsociety-subaru-sti-air-lift-airlift-accuair-ride-suspension-rotiform-sna-006The aggressive yet sleek OEM wide body of the car did not require much exterior modification, so limo tints, a blacked out front lip, grilles and deflector accompanied by a rear wiper delete were all executed to give the STi a clean sleeper look.airsociety-subaru-sti-air-lift-airlift-accuair-ride-suspension-rotiform-sna-011A set of 19×10″ et35 Rotiform SNA wheels paired up with 15mm Perrin spacers were slapped on as a final detail to really make the car a head turner.Wanting to tuck his set of wheels yet keeping the car practical for his daily commute to school Shane decided to go with an air setup.airsociety-subaru-sti-air-lift-airlift-accuair-ride-suspension-rotiform-sna-005Now that the wheels were on, it was time to get low. Air Lift bags on all four corners are managed by an Autopilot V2 controller is hooked up to an Air Lift manifold. The hand polished 7-gallon air tank and dual ViAir 400c compressors are what get this scooby lifting and lowering with the best of them.airsociety-subaru-sti-air-lift-airlift-accuair-ride-suspension-rotiform-sna-003Shane has built a very clean and original car in a short period of time. While the car is a road car, he feels 100% confident his air setup would help shave seconds off his track time should he indulge into that pastime.

Shane would like to give a shout out to his boys at Lowcally Famous as well as his girlfriend Halle and his parents for supporting and putting up with his build which took up space in their warm garage over the winter keeping the family cars outside in the cold snow.airsociety-subaru-sti-air-lift-airlift-accuair-ride-suspension-rotiform-sna-001

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