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Burgundy Lion: Jon Hansen’s Honda Civic SI


Photos via Grant Cox Photography
Your muscles become tense, your clenched knuckles turn white from gripping the steering wheel hard enough to crush a melon, and all over that you still remember hearing a distinct “bang” noise. Nervously looking in your rear view mirror you finally see it; a thick slick of oil trailing your car mocking you as you drive to a stop. honda-civic-bagged-air-ride-suspension-accuair-elevel-e-level-rotiform-nue-airsociety-004This a scenario I myself know all too well, fortunately for Jon Hansen, he learned the first from his mistake and immediately made an upgrade. honda-civic-bagged-air-ride-suspension-accuair-elevel-e-level-rotiform-nue-airsociety-012It was on his way to the body shop to pick up a freshly painted front lip for his 2008 Civic SI (in preparation for a car show in Texas) that Jon found himself in this situation. honda-civic-bagged-air-ride-suspension-accuair-elevel-e-level-rotiform-nue-airsociety-011With the only available oil pan on such short notice being a 2 day delivery from in California, a call was placed to his girlfriends father. honda-civic-bagged-air-ride-suspension-accuair-elevel-e-level-rotiform-nue-airsociety-013A machinist by profession, he successfully welded the oil pan that same day and lovingly got him out of his house and into his car where he knew he’d be gone for at least an 8 hour journey to display his ride. A father always knows what’s best…honda-civic-bagged-air-ride-suspension-accuair-elevel-e-level-rotiform-nue-airsociety-005During the long nervous drive whilst slammed on coil overs, Jon decided that air suspension was the next necessary mod to install in order to avoid finding himself in owing more to his father-in-law than he previously bargained for. He needed to come up with an action plan to lay the sweet new lip on the the idea of getting the Civic to park low and drive high fresh in his mind, Jon began by picking up a set of Air Lift Universal adjustable dampening struts. The front struts were mocked up and shortened to make sure she would lay as low as possible while the rear was brought down using modified shorty D-Cup and UA Air House II custom suspension setup needed to be done right. Jon hit up AccuAir and ordered a complete E-Level setup with a 4-gallon chromed aluminum tank and dual ViAir 400c pretty girl needs a sweet pair of shoes and a clean set of 18×9.5″ Rotiform NUEs wrapped in 215/35/18 rubbers were as hot as can final touch come via color matched Password JDM extended lugs. To get them to sit perfectly, Jon installed a slick set of adjustable SPC rear camber arms, paired up with SPC front camber bolts in order to get those wheels flush to knows that without the love and support of his family and friends guiding him along the way he wouldn’t be where he is today. Big thanks go out to them and the Stance House and LowerClass crew and a big shout-out goes out to Grant Cox for supplying the photos to make this feature happen. honda-civic-bagged-air-ride-suspension-accuair-elevel-e-level-rotiform-nue-airsociety-014Most importantly his lovely girlfriend gets a special shout out for putting up with his passion and helping win her dad over to save that oil

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