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G-Thang: Loz Glen’s G37 on Forge Wheels


With so many aftermarket choices available for the Infiniti G37, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Forge Wheels sent us over some details on Loz Glen's coupe to see how

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he chose to run his first glance I was overwhelmed by the cleanliness of the ride. Loz' attention to detail and minimalistic approach to his ride payed off in a big way, but I kept asking myself “how did he bag it?”infiniti-g37-bagged-air-ride-suspension-forge-wheels-stance-airsociety-fitment-009To get his G37 to tuck those massive wheels, Loz hit up Universal Air for a full air ride kit. A full bolt-on solution spared him the headache of having to build a custom setup, but in order to get extra fast travel the half inch lines were mounted to each strut directly making them shorter and getting the car up in down in a began by enclosing his tank, valves & compressor setup in a fancy MDF enclosure but needed to do something about the noise output by the twin compressors. To get a simpler and quieter setup in place, he coated the enclosure with Dynamat and sealed it up in the cockpit, Dakota Digital gauges were custom mounted into the dash to make everything look OEM and fresh. infiniti-g37-bagged-air-ride-suspension-forge-wheels-stance-airsociety-fitment-004When Loz asked Forge Wheels for a custom setup, he meant it. Staggered 20×9.5″ front and 20×10.5″ rear FR10-DC wheels were personalized to Loz' own specifications so that he could get that touch of VIP class he was looking center of the face of each wheel was flattened out around the lug nuts instead of the traditional deep center drop, the center spokes were brushed raw and polished on the inside edges. The lips were chromed and the barrels matted out to finalize a truly unique set

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of in all Loz achieved the look he was going after and without the help from the folks at Forge Wheels he knows he'd be staring at just an average G