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Maximum Low: Phet Chansanroj’s Nissan Maxima J32


Photos via Phet Chansaroj

Hauling heavy loads, cultivating crops, and laying frame. Who would have thought small agricultural truck business owner Phet Chansaroj from Thailand would be cruising around in a bagged Maxima J32?nissan-j32-maxima-bagged-air-suspension-ride-ssr-ms1-stance-airsociety-001When Phet is not wrenching on farm equipment he spends time figuring out ways to make his ride not only low, but practical as Maxima is a family car. Initially when Phet dropped it on H&R springs that made it extremely difficult for his wife to go on with her daily commute around town without scraping the front bumper or knocking the underbody. Anyone who is married knows that a happy wife equals to a happy life, so this had to be addressed. nissan-j32-maxima-bagged-air-suspension-ride-ssr-ms1-stance-airsociety-014Phet quickly sent the Maxima to a local garage to get set

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in Thailand isn't at the same level as it is in North America. He quickly found out that they had no idea what air ride was all about and after being recommended to cut the stock shock cylinder and rod down a few inches he knew he had to take matters into his own got to work and started hitting up the AirSociety Forums to learn as much as he could about air ride so that he could install it on his own. nissan-j32-maxima-bagged-air-suspension-ride-ssr-ms1-stance-airsociety-007After a few days he felt comfortable enough with what he learned by chatting with other forum members to start assembling his own custom bag over coil setup. Quickly, Universal bags slipped onto BC Racing Coilovers up front and new Universal air springs and Kayaba shocks out back. nissan-j32-maxima-bagged-air-suspension-ride-ssr-ms1-stance-airsociety-013A 4-gallon tank saw its way into the trunk and dual compressors from a Toyota air ride setup fill it up with air via 1/4″ lines. A manual paddle switch management system was assembled so Phet's wife could finally drive around in comfort and style without fear of damaging the that the ride was practical, he had to make it aesthetically pleasing. A complete Ativus body kit went on that gives this ride a classy yet aggressive look. Complimenting the body came a set of four 19″ staggered SSR MS1 wheels custom spaced to get the fenders to rest on the lip of the rim. He was finally What started as a daily driven hauler for the Chansaroj family quickly became one of thailand's hottest imports. Phet rests easy now knowing that no matter where his wife drives she will arrive in would like to thank his wife

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