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Lowcally Grown: Nick Lanno’s BMW E30 325is


Photos via Adam Gottron
Every now and again a father and son are able to share memories and passions through the passing down of family heirlooms. With only one prior owner on the books, Nick Lanno’s 1987 BMW 325is merges family and passion together in one kick ass piece of machinery. bmw-e30-3series-bbs-air-lift-bagged-stance-fitment-airsociety-010Purchased by a working man, Nick’s father has wrenched on it in his garage ever since it first came home. Nick’s love for not only the car but the hands-on attitude of his dad are what made him appreciate it so much more once it was handed down to were two options that were presented to Nick now that the BMW was signed over to his name: either maintain it as best as he could and keeping it as close to showroom condition as possible, or to take the project that his father had started, expand on it and make it his own. Along came the guys at Bag Riders and before he knew it, the decision was made…bmw-e30-3series-bbs-air-lift-bagged-stance-fitment-airsociety-008It was extremely important to Nick to keep his car in as functional a state as possible. His research and years of experience helping his pops led him to fabricating a custom Air Lift air ride setup using a pair of Universal 75561 front struts and Universal Air House AHII rear manual paddle valves saw their way inside the cockpit sending air to and from a 5-gallon air tank tethered to a single ViAir 400c compressor. This saw the E30 at a proper ride height, but it was in desperate need of some wheels to set it off properly, something had to be×8″ front and 16×9″ rear BBS RS’ were found, torn apart, and refinished by Nick himself and fitted inside those classic fenders. Time to work on the finishing details and call it a front valence was swapped for a later model one while the front and rear bumpers were tucked farther back so they would look sleek against the Zender rear valence. An MTech steering wheel and shift knob, and Corbeau racing seats cap everything off and put Nick in a position of pride at what he classic Bavarian look that his father cherished when he first bought the car is still around, but with a modern edge to it. What a great way to bridge a generational gap and enforce a bond between father and son.

Nick would like to thank his crew Lowcally Famous who have helped him through this build, as well as his dad for taking care of the car so well for so many years, and the boys at Bag Riders for helping put two and two

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