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Lewa Paniolo: Jason Matsuura’s Lexus LS460L


Photos via Danny Castillo
Hawaii is home to heavenly scenery, killer waves, and VIP ballers. Although this spot of paradise houses the air cowboy Jason Matsuura’s bagged Lexus LS460L, things weren’t always sunny for this executive baller.Hawaiians know that driving low is a way of life, however the police don’t see it the same way. Months of hassle by police saw Jason scrambling for a way to keep the car he loved but but the ease of mind of driving high and parking low. Calls went out to Paul and Marshall at ForjWorksand before he knew it, Jason had a set of fresh Air Runner air springs and some old coilovers he needed to get rid of.Cleanliness was the name of the game from the beginning, therefore Jason started his build by making sure to hide the paddle switches in his ashtray and digital gauge in his cup holder.The management setup was on point as well. A 5-gallon tank and ViAir compressor mount securely on a chrome plate and lay recessed deep within the trunk of his car.Once the beating heart of this Lexus was installed, Jason started getting the outside of his ride up to par. He quickly changed the front and rear bumpers to Aimgain and tacked on an Aimgain trunk spoiler. The interior also saw a plush overhaul as Aimgain neck pads, and LED lighting ease the moods of any passenger that hops inside for a ride.Once the body and interior were complete, Jason knew he needed a fresh set of wheels to set it off properly. A clear choice was made and before he could catch his breath, custom fabricated 3-piece 22″ VIP Modular VR15 with custom pink center caps wrapped in 265/30/R22 and 305/25/R22 Toyo rubbers were mounted and tucked neatly inside the massive LS450L fenders.As much as some might try to hide, Jason wanted to be up front and give huge thanks to the people who came together to lend a hand putting his ride together: 3TMmotorsports, ForjWorks for the air install, Tech One Customs, Auto Customs, Aimgain Japan, VIP Modular for those bad ass wheels, Toyo tires to help him stay the course, Aloha Signs, TB productions, SM snapshots and finally Danny Castillo for the killer photos!

For all of your hard work and dedication I’d like to personally say hui hou kakou, air cowboy.

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