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Goldroller: Ryan Beard’s MK6 Jetta


Photos: Logan Wilson Photography
Standing out in a crowd can be as simple as wearing a different colored sweater or as complicated as inking your whole upper body. When it comes to the MK6 Jetta scene, Ryan Beard decided his way to be different was by building a ride that left the competition staring in disbelief.Ryan’s inspiration started as he toured the many euro shows across America. Days crawling across the country visiting H2Oi, Waterfest, and Southern Worthersee filled his mind with tons of ideas of just how he wanted to modify his ride.It began with a complete Votex kit color matched silver. Pretty straightforward so far right? Fortunately this was just the tip of the iceberg.Of course he needed to a little more if he was going to make all the heads turn so he proceeded by shaving the rear VW emblem and slapping on a set of OEM GLI tail lights and Ziza LED Headlights.The interior also saw a sophisticated overhaul thanks to a pair of suede Bride Euro Sport II race seats, matching suede upholstered rear seats, classic Nardi steering wheel and shift knob and RCD-510 navigation swap.Naturally Ryan needed something to make his new bodywork pop so he opted to slam her to the ground with Air Lift air ride.Slam Series front bags were simple enough to install however it was a different story out back. Custom made rear mounts allow the air spring to sit properly on the axle without any clearance issues.Out back lies massive twin 5 gallon raw aluminum tanks fed via dual 400c compressors and controlled with a simple AccuAir Switchspeed touchpad.Putting his money where his mouth is, Ryan upped the game yet again and called up the boys at Rotiform for 5 (you counted right) custom-made 19×8.5″ and 19×9.5″ 3-piece BLQs.A spare translucent gold BLQ was forged out of Rotiform’s stronghold in Westminster, California to bind the rest of the wheels of power together and to make sure that no matter what happens, Ryan would be rolling with style.When it came to delivering the goods, Ryan Beard went above and beyond to assemble this incredible and outstanding rolling piece of art that truly makes him stand apart from everything else so far.
Big thanks go out to the guys at Rotiform for pumping out these rollers in tip-top fashion, Bag Riders for the killer customer service and Air Lift for the quality rubber air springs lifting Ryan to greatness.

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