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In a New York Minute: J.P. Parodi’s B6 Passat


This week has been brutal for New Yorkers. Hurricane Sandy has blown through town and left her mark on the city that never sleeps forcing many people this morning to adapt to a cityscape that has changed drastically from what they’re used to. J.P. Parodi is one of these New Yorkers, and while we wish him the best with this morning’s clean up, we make sure to examine the ride that first put us in touch with each other: his bagged 2008 Passat.When I first met J.P. at Waterfest 17, I was immediately drawn to a toy stripper riding one of his hard lines. What can I say, I’m a guy.Once we got to talking, I found out a lot more about his ride than I thought I knew by just looking at it.  B6 Passat TSIs are mostly found with automatic transmissions, so when J.P. found one in manual he knew he had to make a move.Having previously owned 4 other Passats, he knew he was going to mod this ride before he even went to sign the transfer papers. An .:R-Line front lip, side skirts and rear spoiler were making their way cross-country to his house and his goal of building a low, clean and fast ride were well on their way.A simple, yet effective K04 turbo saw its way into the spot of the old, stock snail and coupled with a custom 3″ Eurocustoms cat-less exhaust, AWE Turbo Inlet Pipe, and F1 custom ECU tune, J.P. knew he had found a winning formula.Everything wasn’t sunshine and peaches though as a nasty accident saw J.P.’s baby crumpled in a heap of metal. He was about to call it quits until his buddy Paul Piazza, the owner and operator of Dubcreations, helped straighten her out and put her back on the road.The tough times were now behind him and J.P. focused his energy on making his ride look even better than it did before.  Air suspension was ruled the best way to ride pretty quickly. In no time at all the Passat was bagged on Air Lift XL Slam Series front and rear bags and Autopilot digital management, and dual ViAir 444c compressors hooked up to a 5 gallon tank with custom hard lines by Swoops.What he needed to cap off his creation was a clean set of rollers.  18×10″ front and 18×11″ rear RH ZW4 wheels set her on the final level of awesome and complete a car that has consumed J.P.’s every waking moment since before he even had her.All of this work could not have been accomplished without the important people in J.P.’s life. They are the ones who give him the mental health and positivity to keep going. Big thanks go out to want to thank Paul and Steve at Dubcreations for their friendship and work, Giuseppe for all the vinyl and tint work, Swoops for the amazing hard lines and patience, Yefry Mejia for the late nights polishing wheel lips, Drew Dorbritz for the rush job to finish the engine covers in time for h2o, Kristen Harrington for the always amazing pictures and friendship, Will at Bag Riders, The Whole EE Militia crew and most important my girlfriend Melissa and my parents for always putting up with this crazy lifestyle.

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