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Fit to Scrape: Michael Miyamoto’s Honda Fit


Micheal Miyamoto is your typical kind of Hawaiian guy that likes body surfing and hiking, however he is hiding a dark secret that we will unveil – well the picture probably gave it away by now so my attempt at surprising you completely failed. Micheal is the owner of this kick ass bagged 2009 Honda Fit, and when he isn’t actually body surfing he’s scrapping the asphalt of Kailua Oahu, Hawaii.

A lot of people must be thinking holy turd cakes, how low can a typical family hatch go? Well the answer to all you readers is: Not low enough! Micheal started his adventures with this fit when he had it slammed on coil overs. Myself like many others that decide to start with a little low, suddenly find it amusing and satisfying in seeing their ride scrape pavement. Micheal placed some calls over to the boys at Airrex, who shorty came up with a sick wireless air management system for his needs.

Any car looks good lowered, or slammed however it takes much more time and money to perfect a car. Michael made sure he did that and added so many things to his ride like a custom electric sunroof, a carbon fiber hood and a spoon spoiler. If you look closely at the front you’ll notice the Mugen lip. The back of the car is completed with its 5zigen exhaust and Fit brake light.

There’s a lot or lighting work done to this vehicle, as the headlights were changed to 6000k with an LED strip, LED tail lights and went for the yellow fog lights as well. Micheal also added Rockford p1 subwoofers in the trunk. All of you must think that those are esthetics and yes they are but Micheal knew the line had to be drawn straight and that’s why his ride is perfectly complete as its sitting on Work Meister s1 wheels.

Lots of people help each other when it comes to the build of a car. Micheal would like to shout out to Jorge Torres for inspiring him and getting him into cars and Danny Castillo for the kick ass shots!

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