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Bavarian Swag


Jason Harrinandan’s 2004 BMW M3 (Satin Slut) drop top isn’t your typical bimmer. As of lately, I have been increasingly becoming a fan of BMW’s and have been planning on moving in their waters from the VAG pool myself. This car, as the pictures scream has a lot of work put into it, and we’ll obviously go into detail for you.


When Jason had originally purchased his ride, all his mind was really set on was getting new wheels. After lots of searching, being the wheel whore he is, Vossen CV’1’s were chosen in order to drop jaws. It was unfortunately after this nice upgrade that his car got keyed on the passenger fender, however for Jason it wasn’t a problem but a new challenge. After some thought, before anyone knew it Jason had his bimmer painted  Frost Metallic Grey, which is a matte OEM color offered by BMW.

Time passed and this car started getting more and more street cred – its at this point that after changing wheels for a second time, going 20×10’s all around that Jason realized that there was a height problem. After lots of pondering, and ease of mind trying to get the car to look perfect without any major headaches, bags were an obvious choice and. Right before the Nyias dubshow, the car was slammed on a deluxe K-Sport Airride and his new Niche Nurburg 20×10’s and 10.5’s  super concave babies.

After assisting various shows, this BMW won 5 trophies just this season all in first place, for best Euro – it also won best convertible car at a local BMW dealership motorsport show. When asked if he had more plans, Jason confirmed that he will be adding VIP Bumpers and a diamond stitched interior with a new color scheme to bring out the matte grey. He really wants this car to hit off the VIP look, thats why he added the VIP puddle lights to it – one thing is for sure though, we can’t wait to see “VIP SATIN SLUT’S” new look!

We would like to add one last thing before you reach out to your Kleenex box to clean any unwanted love stains from your keyboard and screen, that Jason owns a shop called Illusions Auto Accessories! It’s located on 7901 Queens Blvd in Elmhurst NY (11373), so if you’re in the Tris-State region don’t forget to swing by his place or call him if you need any auto loving (718)476-9696. On the real though, Jason would like to shout-out to his crew (MBoyz) and all  the photographers who love shooting his car; Chris D’Angelo (CM Photography), Steve Sargente from SAS Designs and lastly, Nick Penna (One ton photography). He’d also like to thank his two cousins, and brothers Leon and Marque who have helped Jason put this car together and make his ride really stand out from other M3’s.


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