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Monthly archives: October 2012

In a New York Minute: J.P. Parodi's B6 Passat

This week has been brutal for New Yorkers. Hurricane Sandy has blown through town and left her mark on the city that never sleeps forcing many people this morning to adapt to a cityscape that has changed drastically from what they’re used to. J.P. Parodi is one of these New Yorkers, and while we wish him the best with this morning’s clean up, we make sure to examine the ride […]

Fit to Scrape: Michael Miyamoto's Honda Fit

Micheal Miyamoto is your typical kind of Hawaiian guy that likes body surfing and hiking, however he is hiding a dark secret that we will unveil – well the picture probably gave it away by now so my attempt at surprising you completely failed. Micheal is the owner of this kick ass bagged 2009 Honda Fit, and when he isn’t actually body surfing he’s scrapping the asphalt of Kailua Oahu, […]

Delmo's Speed & Kustom

AccuAir Suspension are known for bringing the passion of modern technology together with the lines of American classics. Hear the story of Del Ushenko’s vintage C-10 and see why creating a unique ride is worth the blood, sweat and tears.

Bavarian Swag

Jason Harrinandan’s 2004 BMW M3 (Satin Slut) drop top isn’t your typical bimmer. As of lately, I have been increasingly becoming a fan of BMW’s and have been planning on moving in their waters from the VAG pool myself. This car, as the pictures scream has a lot of work put into it, and we’ll obviously go into detail for you.   When Jason had originally purchased his ride, all […]