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Will-Power: Will Fisher’s BMW E92 335i


When talking about quality, the Bag Riders team always shows up with a shop vehicle that just screams it.  Premiering this time is owner Will Fisher’s latest creation: an E92 BMW we crossed the Canada/USA border on our way to the annual Bag Riders BBQ a couple of weeks back we knew we’d be in store for a ton of sweet rides and cool cats from the community.  Taking us a bit more than two hours to arrive meant that we’d be getting there after most of the food had been eaten but no matter, as long as we could hang out with our boys Will, Rali, Kevin, John, T-Stacks and our homegirl Lindsay we’d be OK. bmw-e92-335i-3series-bagged-air-lift-vip-modular-vipmodular-stance-fitment-bagriders-airsociety-003It was great putting faces to the names, hearing all the stories and I especially loved meeting a lot of our readers, but halfway through the night people kept talking to me about Will’s Bimmer and I hadn’t really gotten a fresh look at it.  Out of the corner of my eye I suddenly saw her, and boy was she DOPE!bmw-e92-335i-3series-bagged-air-lift-vip-modular-vipmodular-stance-fitment-bagriders-airsociety-013Bagging a BMW is never an easy task and as Will brought his E92 indoors we started to understand why.  Working with Corey from Air Lift and a local machine shop, a one-off custom Bag Riders suspension with fully threaded, dampening adjustable, camber adjustable front struts and custom rear brackets was fabricated with performance in’s immediate reaction was that the car rides and handles amazingly well, though it’s important to mention that it’s only been driven about two miles on a closed course while they iron out the kinks.  bmw-e92-335i-3series-bagged-air-lift-vip-modular-vipmodular-stance-fitment-bagriders-airsociety-005Right before writing this article Will let us know that he had made a natural pairing with AccuAir e-Level management so that now he’d be able to rock his massive wheel setup without worrying about kinking his Will threw himself on the floor to air out his ride the night of the BBQ, I kept looking at those custom three-piece splits wondering just how close to the fenders they would get. “OH MY GOD!” shot through my head as they settled down so close to the lip I hardly had enough time to pick my jaw up off the floor and start couldn’t have asked for a better wheel fitment setup.  Secret offsetted (oh my my!) 18×10″ and 18×12″ VIP Modular VXS110 wheels with 225-40 and 255-30 Hankook rubbers turn this ordinary BMW into one bad ass for the future of the project, Will filled me in that he is currently installing new seats, a full roll cage and an M3 rear end conversion.  The team at Bag Riders will then be jacking up the boost and will be pushing this one of a kind ride to the limits so stay tuned for future updates and info threads in our shout outs go out from Will to VIP Modular, Air Lift, AccuAir, Turner Motorsport, Status Racing, and Burger Tuning for believing in his drive to get the most that he can out of his new project car.

On behalf of the AirSociety crew we’re honored and pumped to have met with a crew of such great friends that are as devoted to the air ride community as we are.  Keep up the good work and we can’t wait to see it live at Eurokracy Montreal


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