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The Mistress: Christoper Belviz’ Honda Civic


Today’s feature all about Christopher Belviz’ secret lover Alexis, his 2009 Honda Civic.  Studying at San Jose State University but calling Santa Maria, California his home, Christopher works non stop to keep his mistress satisfied which is why he recently decided to give her some fresh legs.Most of us have the same disease to get our rides as low as possible however we all seem to take different paths to cure this illness.  When Chris was static, he practically destroyed his new car by endlessly smashing through fenders and lips.  He knew his makeshift home remedies weren’t working so he went to see a professional.  His boy Nate from his crew Top Monkeys called him up and gave him the answer in one short word: Bags. Nate pointed Christopher toward Iceboxx Customs who built a custom set of K-Sport bag over coil front struts with UAS Air House 2 rear bags.  They also transfused a 5 gallon iron lung, and a ViAir 444c compressor pacemaker and before he knew it Alexis was ready to take her first breaths.Alexis isn’t one of those low ordinary Civics you see terrorizing the streets as there is an overwhelming amount of work and passion that has been put into this toy.  Starting from the bay of the beast, a K&N Typhoon intake, Megan Racing Midpipe and Custom axle back exhaust are added to give her a bit of pep.  The shell of the car is complimented by a Mugen style front lip, JDM front Honda badge and steering wheel, Junction Produce Fusa, neck pads, window curtains and a Broadway 400MM convex mirror.Alexis’ booty got the love treatment as well thanks to JDM tail lights and Acura CSX rear trunk lidThe only thing left to touch is of course the wheels.  Christopher got his baby girl a set of fresh 17×8.5″ and 17×9.5″Volk Evolution III’s 17×8.5+32 & x9+44.  She’s definitely going to appreciate him in the morning now.Without the support of his friends and family, Christopher wouldn’t be half as far as he would be.  Shout outs go to Iceboxx Customs, Reachout Industry, his boy Omar and his crew Top Monkeys for making all of his dreams come true.  Big thanks to Andrew Chang for the killer sunset shots as well.

Christopher would also want to thank his real flesh and blood girlfriend Rachel for putting up with his after hour lover and for being the anchor to his life.

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