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Art of Sex: Jerald Yutadco’s Acura RSX


Building a bagged car can often times bring out a more laid back and relaxed side to a car. When Jerald Yutadco bagged his 2002 Acura RSX, all norms were broken.Growing up in Glendale, California taught Jerald a lot about how to think outside the box, and thinking outside the box is just what he did.When Jerald first picked up his bone stock RSX he knew he wanted to drop it as low as humanly possible but still keep enough functionality to get him over speed bumps without destroying the bottom of his car.He put together a four month plan to get her done one and done right.  First stop was to clean up the engine bay and finish the interior.Red bride racing seats were cocooned with precision inside a complete roll cage.  Polished to perfection, the cage keeps Jerald safe in the event of a hardcore accident. Now that his interior was set up properly he focused his attention on laying low.  There needed to be an alternative to coilovers and he found it in air suspension.Calls went out as soon as he had made up his mind and before he knew it he was presented with a box filled with a Universal Air UAS air ride kit which included AH2 bags for the rear. Dual ViAir 444c compressors fill the polished 5 gallon air tank via 1/4″ lines.  Controlled with simple manual paddle switched, Jerald knew he had everything set to perfection as soon as he saw how low his RSX sat.Stage three of the transformation came with a little body work.  Getting the staggered 18″ TE-37s to sit properly when aired out meant that he had to pull all four fenders out. A custom molded Mugen body kit was next and the time attack theme was accented thanks to an aggressive carbon fibre wing.   Talk about ground control!After four months of hard work, Jerald could finally sit back and appreciate the fruit of his labor, and we couldn’t be happier to take a bite out of it also.Jerald’s biggest thanks go out to the Royal Flush family for motivating him to always one up himself.  Droo Vo, Anthony Nofar, Adam Etayeb, Phu Hoang, get special mentions because of all the hard work they put into his car.

Jon Tran gets special mention for killing it yet again with these classic images.

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