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Monthly archives: August 2012

Art of Sex: Jerald Yutadco's Acura RSX

Building a bagged car can often times bring out a more laid back and relaxed side to a car. When Jerald Yutadco bagged his 2002 Acura RSX, all norms were broken.Growing up in Glendale, California taught Jerald a lot about how to think outside the box, and thinking outside the box is just what he did.When Jerald first picked up his bone stock RSX he knew he wanted to drop […]

Dead End: AccuAir's 1953 Chevy

“We were just going to build something normal, you know? But it became one of those things that we said: normal ain’t cool.” – Eddie Padilla AccuAir showcases a truly one of a kind work of art that brings the classic lines of a family owned, old school 1953 Chevy coupe together with modern air ride. Eat, sleep, and live your passion.

Fancy That: My Time With AirREX & AccuAir

The past few months with my 2009 Audi A4 Quattro have been an adventure. I’ve taken her far, through international borders and near on my daily commute to work.  I have had the pleasure of meeting people who are fans of air ride, people who are on the fence and those that flat-out hate it.  I’ve listened to their opinions and personal stories and can relate in more ways than […]

The Mistress: Christoper Belviz' Honda Civic

Today’s feature all about Christopher Belviz’ secret lover Alexis, his 2009 Honda Civic.  Studying at San Jose State University but calling Santa Maria, California his home, Christopher works non stop to keep his mistress satisfied which is why he recently decided to give her some fresh legs.Most of us have the same disease to get our rides as low as possible however we all seem to take different paths to […]

Will-Power: Will Fisher's BMW E92 335i

When talking about quality, the Bag Riders team always shows up with a shop vehicle that just screams it.  Premiering this time is owner Will Fisher’s latest creation: an E92 BMW 335i.As we crossed the Canada/USA border on our way to the annual Bag Riders BBQ a couple of weeks back we knew we’d be in store for a ton of sweet rides and cool cats from the community.  Taking […]