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Work It: Andrew Ramirez’ MK6 GTI


In the beginning, before the explosion of air ride, Andrew Ramirez led a simple life on coilovers. Sure he was bumping and grinding everywhere he went but that was life. Along came AirREX Air Suspension and before he knew it, Andrew's life changed forever.mk6-vw-gti-bagged-air-suspension-ride-airrex-work-sp1-white-stance-airsociety-001Being a man of scripture is what leads Andrew in his personal life but he really needed new guidance when it came to laying low. A quick call to ForjWorks in his home state of Hawaii

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was made and before he knew it he was on cloud number nine.mk6-vw-gti-bagged-air-suspension-ride-airrex-work-sp1-white-stance-airsociety-002At the time Andrew looked into bagging his MK6, AirREX Air Suspension was unheard of in America. There were already many proven and viable kit options available for him to choose from but there was something about those blue struts that sealed the deal.mk6-vw-gti-bagged-air-suspension-ride-airrex-work-sp1-white-stance-airsociety-004 Paul & Marshall at ForjWorks made the case to Andrew that while there were other options available, a focus on the quality and added functionality of a fully adjustable shock would prove to be a winning deal.mk6-vw-gti-bagged-air-suspension-ride-airrex-work-sp1-white-stance-airsociety-008Andrew made the plunge and soon thereafter he became the very first AirREX bagged GTI in North America. He opted for a slim 3-gallon aluminum tank fed by a simple ViAir 380c compressor controlled via two front/back paddle valves to finalize his setup.mk6-vw-gti-bagged-air-suspension-ride-airrex-work-sp1-white-stance-airsociety-012Being so close to Japan, Hawaii has always been where JDM style mashes with American & European rides to produce some truly unbelievable works of art. Andrew's connection to Asia would hit home in a big way.mk6-vw-gti-bagged-air-suspension-ride-airrex-work-sp1-white-stance-airsociety-009Aggressive 2-piece 17×9″ Work Workmeister S1's push so far out of the fenders that custom front camber plates were fabricated in order to keep everything

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aligned properly. Talk about worlds colliding!mk6-vw-gti-bagged-air-suspension-ride-airrex-work-sp1-white-stance-airsociety-010Although living in paradise has its advantages, Andrew

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knows that without help from his family, his daughter Caira and friends his down to Earth GTI would be just another run of the mill static dropped Volkswagen.

Big thanks to the man himself

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Danny Castillo for taking these beautiful shots.mk6-vw-gti-bagged-air-suspension-ride-airrex-work-sp1-white-stance-airsociety-003


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