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Touch of Class: Annie Brooks’ B7 Audi A4


It’s always refreshing to see that the community of air ride is attracting not only male but female air heads as well.  Annie Brooks’ B7 Audi A4 is one of those rides that brings class and comfort together in a pretty sweet package.Annie’s love for being low is something that she was born with. She’s been a VW girl since she was 18 when she picked up her very first MK4 Jetta.After clearing her way through nearly half a dozen VWs she knew she’d had enough with FWD winter cars and stumbled across this AWD snow eater to help get her through the winter.Naturally, once she convinced herself that her modding days were over, along came Bag Riders. Her life would never be the same again.Before she knew it a set of Air Lift Slam Series bags were ordered along with a full Autopilot V1 management setup, dual 3-gallon tanks and twin ViAir 400c compressors.Anyone who owns a B7 A4 will tell you that getting them to lay subframe is no easy task as the control arms hit the body of the car when slammed. Annie solved this issue by getting a set of custom strut towers made to allow for enough clearance of the control arms.Now all she needed was a set of rollers to really make her ride shine. 18×9″ and 18×9.5″ staggered CCW Classics came into the picture and she knew that these were the wheels for her.At the end of the day Annie knows that this Audi isn’t the end of the road, but the beginning of a long, beautiful, and bagged future.
Big thanks go out to Zak DePiero Photography for the pictures, her boyfriend Brian Gillespie for revamping her air setup, Bag Riders for the killer customer service, Endless Details for the detail work, and her friend Monica for the countless words of encouragement. Until the next time we meet, so long Annie!

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