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Self-Made: Kia Ahmadi's MK4 Jetta Wagon


Kia Ahmadi is not the average do-it-yourselfer who prides himself in bolting on a set of wheels and changing the oil. In the small confines of his home garage is where Kia builds not just cars, but memories. He might not always have the right tools or be in the safest of environments but at the end of the day he gets things done, and done well.When we last saw Kia's shaggin wagon things were on the up and up, however a series of unfortunate accidents put an end to his high.The latest catastrophe caused by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel colliding head on into his car was the last straw. Kia got to work piecing together his car but this time he decided to try a new kind of paint, Plasti Dip.Not to be confused with vinyl wrapping, Plasti Dip is the process of spraying liquid rubber onto your ride via a spray gun similar to how paint is applied. The only difference is that once you get fed up of your new paint job, you're able to peel off the exterior coating and start again. The whole process costs a fraction of the price as vinyl wrap and although it does not last as long, it does offer similar results.While some might lose their cool over us featuring a car with 17×8.5″ and 17×10″ ESM-002R wheels, we would like to mention that Kia's creative use of air ride and exterior texture is what draws everyone to this ride when they first see it. A self-made man from the start, Kia's adventure into air ride started with a phone call to Will over at Bag Riders who set him up with a complete Air Lift kit with analog management. Dual ViAir 450cc compressors fill up his 5 gallon tank at the push of a button. Kia locked himself away in his garage for many hours to install this setup and completely disassembled and reassembled his trunk setup over the winter to seal every fitting and make sure it would be air tight.Kia also took the time to upholster his headliner and door panels in black suede and to swap in MK4 GLI Recaro front and rear seats. The cluster was taken apart and brushed aluminum rings were put in to complete the GLI look.Looking at it now, I know it won't stay like this forever. As long as Kia keeps tinkering away at it I know it will keep on getting bigger and badder.


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