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Marking Up: Erick Gillund’s MK5 Getta


In a world where a bagged MK5 Jetta on a nice set of wheels is becoming more and more popular, it’s getting tougher to stand out. Family man Erick Gillund found a neat way to do just that with his bagged 2008 VW Jetta.vw-mk5-mk6-jetta-bagged-air-ride-esm-air-lift-suspension-004Burning through many rides including a couple of JDM and a low rider trucks, Erick’s wife suggested that it was time for a family car. Anyone who’s married knows that a wife’s “suggestion” is something that has to be dealt with sooner rather than never.Before he knew it he was in possession of a clean MK5 that put his wife’s worries to rest, but before she knew it was soon dropped off to Iceboxx Customs to get a much-needed makeover.vw-mk5-mk6-jetta-bagged-air-ride-esm-air-lift-suspension-006Coming from a truckin’ background made Erick sure that bagging his Jetta was the right thing to do. An Air Lift Slam Series kit was ordered along with an EAI Switchbox and big red manifolds hooked up to an Air Zenith digital gauge. vw-mk5-mk6-jetta-bagged-air-ride-esm-air-lift-suspension-002In the trunk is where Erick shows off the colors of his two favorite drinks. Dual ViAir 480c compressors sit neatly underneath twin 2-gallon tanks that are fed via massive 3/8″ air lines.vw-mk5-mk6-jetta-bagged-air-ride-esm-air-lift-suspension-007Erick’s interior sees a touch of his JDM background. A suede NRG steering wheel lays firmly planted, surrounded by suede wrapped interior panels and headliner. The stock Jetta seats have been replaced for genuine MK5 GTI buckets to add that extra bit of class.vw-mk5-mk6-jetta-bagged-air-ride-esm-air-lift-suspension-005What truly sets this MK5 apart from others is the complete overhaul of the front end. This “Frankenstein” creation is unique in North America, however the idea of swapping front ends on VWs has been around for years. Getting a full MK6 GTI front end to sit properly on the front of a MK5 might be simple in theory, but getting the headlights and front fog lights to function properly was something else.vw-mk5-mk6-jetta-bagged-air-ride-esm-air-lift-suspension-003Once all the wiring was figured out, a final touch of class was needed to finish her off. A custom lower center grille created by Dorbitz Designs completes the body work that Fast Eddies Body shop in Virginia began. vw-mk5-mk6-jetta-bagged-air-ride-esm-air-lift-suspension-001Erick’s MK5 Getta brings back a time old tradition of swapping a GTI front end onto a Jetta body. Although he doesn’t quite know what’s in store next, he knows that with the support of his wife, and with friends like photographer Kevin Trower, the journey has only begun. Big thanks to everyone involved with making this rad ride happen!vw-mk5-mk6-jetta-bagged-air-ride-esm-air-lift-suspension-008

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