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Enter the Light: Donald Greenberg’s Subaru STi


Breaking boundaries and stereotypes is never easy.  When Donald Greenberg picked up his 2010 Subaru STi he quickly realized that before earning any kind of respect he had to deliver something very unique.Subaru-STI-bagged-Work-Equip-Stance-Fitment-airsociety-002Although it’s becoming easier and easier to find an off the shelf air suspension solution for your Subaru, the market is still so fresh that it sometimes calls for a different approach to doing things.Subaru-STI-bagged-Work-Equip-Stance-Fitment-airsociety-014Donald’s drive to kiss concrete quickly took shape after a visit to Phu Hoang from Royal Flush.Subaru-STI-bagged-Work-Equip-Stance-Fitment-airsociety-008bKeeping some of his old BC Coilover setup intact, Donald and Phu replaced the old coil springs with fresh Universal Air Suspension air springs.Subaru-STI-bagged-Work-Equip-Stance-Fitment-airsociety-020It took a full 2 days to work out the kinks in the custom air ride setup and get everything working properly without leaks. Not an easy task when you think about how much work is involved with retrofitting coilovers to accept bags.Subaru-STI-bagged-Work-Equip-Stance-Fitment-airsociety-003Dual ViAir 444c compressors complete the air ride setup by feeding air through 1/4″ lines through a set of manual paddle valves and finally into the 4 gallon air tank.Subaru-STI-bagged-Work-Equip-Stance-Fitment-airsociety-017Kissing Mother Earth is one thing, but doing so in style is something else. Donald’s fight to complete the look of his car is now taking shape with a little more Work.Subaru-STI-bagged-Work-Equip-Stance-Fitment-airsociety-01918×10.5″ Work Equips sit so flush on the body of this car that Donald had to pull all four fenders to get them to be able to fit properly when aired out.Subaru-STI-bagged-Work-Equip-Stance-Fitment-airsociety-018When all is said and done, respect that is earned is worth its weight in gold. Thanks to Donald’s vision and dedication, he can now serve as inspiration to hordes of up and coming bagged Subaru owners all around the world, and we couldn’t be prouder to showcase his work for everyone to see.Subaru-STI-bagged-Work-Equip-Stance-Fitment-airsociety-016Big thanks go out to Jon Tran Photography for some stellar pictures and to Phu Hoang from Royal Flush for getting this job done properly.Subaru-STI-bagged-Work-Equip-Stance-Fitment-airsociety-004

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