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Monthly archives: July 2012

TA5TY Bagged IS250

Neek hits a home run with his latest showcase of TA5TY’s bagged Lexus IS250 on 19×10.5 and 19×11.5 VIP Modular VR-12’s. The Vegas strip never looked this good.

Spider Wrecker: Mike Boyer's 1947 Ford Pickup

Mike Boyer has a thing for work trucks.  He owns a company that designs and builds strong sliding racks for fire trucks and has even built a fire engine hot rod for trade shows.  Naturally building a custom bagged 1947 Ford tow truck was right up his alley.  Photos by Chad Truss Photography, modeling by Cassie Sue.Mike’s focus on quality stems from years of hard work.  Wanting to get it […]

Eurokracy Montreal 2012 by Unitronic Chipped

Eurokracy Montreal 2012 has come and gone but Unitronic Chipped is keeping the memory alive with this short video. Check out some of the bagged rides and fun times that were had during this weekend long VW/Audi event.

The Desert Breeze by Brandon Kahl

Life can be brutal in the dry arid deserts of the American midwest, but if there’s anything we’ve learned time and time again; life finds a way. Bobby Willey’s MK4 VW Jetta GLI brings a breath of fresh air to a normally dry and bleak environment. Filmed and edited by Brandon Kahl.

Enter the Light: Donald Greenberg's Subaru STi

Breaking boundaries and stereotypes is never easy.  When Donald Greenberg picked up his 2010 Subaru STi he quickly realized that before earning any kind of respect he had to deliver something very unique.Although it’s becoming easier and easier to find an off the shelf air suspension solution for your Subaru, the market is still so fresh that it sometimes calls for a different approach to doing things.Donald’s drive to kiss […]

Touch of Class: Annie Brooks' B7 Audi A4

It’s always refreshing to see that the community of air ride is attracting not only male but female air heads as well.  Annie Brooks’ B7 Audi A4 is one of those rides that brings class and comfort together in a pretty sweet package.Annie’s love for being low is something that she was born with. She’s been a VW girl since she was 18 when she picked up her very first […]