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Eurokracy Montreal 2012: Family Reunion Part 1


Montreal is known for its wonderful women, roaring nightlife, and now, a killer VW/Audi show that’s already been compared to H20 International.  Time to break down what happened at Eurokracy Montreal 2012 with pics from JNQ&Co.Picking up where we left off last year was no easy task.  When we first announced the date for this summer’s show 6 months ago the locals were buzzing in anticipation and we knew we couldn’t disappoint anyone, especially ourselves.A big factor that helped with our record attendance this year was the warm weather.  As many of you might remember, last year was a rainy mess all day long and nobody likes getting their cars wet especially after getting them all shiny.Everyone was in good spirits all day long which boosted energy levels for our two prime competitions: Limbo and Burnout.As hundreds of people crowded around the limbo posts, reigning champion Manolo Velasco came back in his bagged BMW Z4 and was hungry to keep his prize of being the lowest car at Eurokracy.He spent a good part of the morning showing off his new lower profile tires and shorter strut plates confident that he’d be taking home the gold.As the event went on and Manolo’s grin grew wider it was looking like he’d have little trouble squashing the competition, including the Campbell & Cameron VW Thing loaded with passengers.  All of a sudden, a challenger appeared out of the crowd.A custom built MK1 cabriolet nicknamed “Das Limbo Bitch” came cruising through the crowd but there was something different about this car…The crowd literally erupted in insane cheers and howling when the driver and passengers dropped down their windshield and tucked themselves in, ready to go lower than a MK1 has ever gone before in a limbo contest.Manolo’s heart sunk but for the 5 guys that spent days building this ride, the win was bittersweet.  Although some in the crowd claimed they had cheated by chopping off the roof of their car, we couldn’t help but smile at their dedication to win and were happy to award them the title trophy.As the cheering settled down and spectators got back to enjoying the cars, they were itching for some real hardcore action and some smoke…The drag strip filled up yet again but this time it was to be a part of the burnout competition.Car after car after truck after car came roaring through the starting grid ready to make a name for themselves but there could be only one true winner.This champagne MK3 had a burnout that went on for what seemed forever. He had such an epic burnout that the first time he came around track security told him to stop burning out because he was destroying the pavement.We couldn’t let that stand so we brought him back to finish what he started and the crowd went wild with agreement, crowning him as their champion.The day was coming to a close and it soon became time to hand out the awards.  Best MK1-MK6 saw many fan favorites win as did Best Audi and Best BMW.Best in Show went out to Unix Performance Inc for having hands down the most complete and beautiful lineup of cars in the show this year including their simply perfect bagged VW Corrado. And of course best Air Ride was presented by ourselves to Dave Ardent from for his one of a kind slammed and shaved MK3 Jetta. Congrats Dave!With the show winding down, we knew that Eurokracy was something special. Not just because it was a fun event, but because it brought together a local and international community of European automotive enthusiasts that not only respected each other but those who came from outside the community to take part in the event.It’s the visitors who support us that make us proud to be part of the Montreal European automotive community and keep us motivated to better ourselves every year.  Thanks everyone for dropping by!

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week for a look at some of our favorite rides of Eurokracy 2012!

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