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Das ist Perfektion: Eugen Lods’ Audi A7


Today’s feature is an extremely special one for me as I’ve been drooling over Eugen Lods’ bagged Audi A7 Sportback for a while now.  Hailing from Dresden, Germany, Eugen’s ride reminded me of the first time that I saw one of these cars all I could think to myself was: “I wonder how it would look like on the ground?”  Thankfully our friends at FelgenOutlet hooked us up with all the juicy details.Audi-A7-sportback-Bagged-AccuAir-air-ride-suspension-messer-wheels-001The crisp lines of the A7 are often all that is needed to stand out in a crowd, but when visiting Wöerthersee stock just wasn’t gonna cut it.  Audi-A7-sportback-Bagged-AccuAir-air-ride-suspension-messer-wheels-006Custom fabricated 20 x 10″ concave Messer wheels were ordered that simply leave me speechless.This car is rare, unique, and extremely precious, but Eugen wanted more be even more special by grounding himself as much as possible.Audi-A7-sportback-Bagged-AccuAir-air-ride-suspension-messer-wheels-002Calls went out for a solution but it was Bagyard AirRide in Austria that replied.  A custom made Bagyard Supreme front air strut and rear bag kit was made to raise and lower this A7 whenever needed.Audi-A7-sportback-Bagged-AccuAir-air-ride-suspension-messer-wheels-004 Now that each corner of this Audi was on its way to being planted, Eugen needed a brain to control his creation.  A full AccuAir E-Level management system comprising of two compressors hooked up to a 5 gallon tank and managed by a VU-4 valve setup sealed the deal.Audi-A7-sportback-Bagged-AccuAir-air-ride-suspension-messer-wheels-005If there’s one thing I’ve learned after learning about this Audi is that sometimes less is more.  Big thanks go out to Eugen Lods for having this incredible vision and to Felgenoutlet for working with us to get as much information as possible on this A7.Audi-A7-sportback-Bagged-AccuAir-air-ride-suspension-messer-wheels-007Hopefully seeing this car will bring out the inner German and make you scream: “Scheizer! Das ist Perfektion!”Audi-A7-sportback-Bagged-AccuAir-air-ride-suspension-messer-wheels-003



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