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2LO Crew BBQ


Local car club 2LO Crew held their first annual BBQ at Strasse Autowerks a few weeks ago and AirSociety was on site to say hi to old friends.Founded in 2000 by AirSociety's Jesse James, 2LO Crew has always been more of a bunch of friends hanging out together than a clicky group of kids. What began in the days of cut springs and overdone body kits has grown over time and now includes both static and bagged rides with quality being the name of the game. The best example of this is our old school 1990 Honda Civic. Now she's in the process of getting a practical overhaul and is sitting on Air Lift air suspension but back in time flipped control arms and cut springs was how it was done before coilovers came to the scene.Vitali's Jetta from Strasse Autowerks has seen its fair share of changes over time as well. What was once a simple MK2 slammed on springs is now a once of a kind soon to be R32 swapped AccuAir E-Level bagged beast turning heads wherever he drives.Rounding out the Schmidt TH Line family is Super Dave's MK3 Jetta from When talking about quality, this is the example often referenced to. A fully smoothed out engine bay draws the eye to the supercharged VR6 motor that proves that low and slow isn't always the name of the game. As time passed and crew members got older, friendships founded over a decade ago were strengthened and new ones were born. What brought us all together was the passion we share for driving our rides as low as possible.Cracking open a can of beer while devouring hamburgers and hot dogs made us realize how lucky we are to be a part of something this awesome.What differentiates 2LO from other crews is that it's not about what brand of car that you drive or if your bagged or static, its if you want to be part of something more than a just a car club. A family that is there to give you a helping hand when you blow an oil

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pan or get flat tire, and when you can't decide on a set of wheels and want an honest opinion we're always a phone call away to give you a helping hand.As the sun started going down, our food had run out and our drinks were finished we knew this wasn't going to be the end of things. We knew that as long as people were still having fun with each other 2LO Crew would never die. Peace out to our friends in 2LO Crew and to Strasse Autowerks for keeping our bellies full all day long.


Flying Low

Co-owner of Strasse Autowerks in Montreal, Canada; Vitali's bagged MK2 Jetta is one of the hottest dubs Montreal's got to showcase. On top of being a personal friend of mine[...]