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Swedish Brownie: Johan Rosengren’s MK4 Polo GTI


If ever you find yourself visiting Tibro, Sweden, take some time to wander the countryside and photograph Johan Rosengren's layed out 1999 Volkswagen Polo GTi.The passion that Johan has for his ride started at a young age. Carrying it forward to today, the attention to detail starts with an Audi Teak Brown paint job and gloss black roof.Working at a body shop has its advantages. Johan created a custom front end by smoothing out the side skirts and rear bumper and then building a custom welded tailgate in order to fit MK5

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Polo tail lights.Johan's love for being low saw him riding around town on coilovers spun all the way down for a very long time before deciding to take make the plunge and get more practical.He got to work and first contacted Will at Bag Riders to pick up a set of Air Lift Slam Series bags that he adapted to fit with custom top mounts created by chopping together MK4 and MK2 Golf suspensions. For the rear set up, Rayvern Hydraulics were called up to build him one of a kind Chapman legs and mounts.Anyone taking a look in the trunk will find a beautifully polished 5 gallon tank that is hooked up to a lonely ViAir 400c compressor via 1/4 lines. All of this is controlled by a 4-paddle manual valve system mounted under the steering wheel and two hidden pressure gauges in the glove box.Parking low is fine and all but Johan needed something special to set his Polo off. A set of 16″ BBS RS 098's were assembled by redrilling them to the proper bolt pattern, machining and painting the centres, adding fresh 2″ lips and bolts and finally sealed off with custom flat caps.

Even though Sweden is known for its blondes, it's this one of a kind brunette that makes all the fellas turn their heads. We love this ride Johan and the amount of work involved with getting her on the ground.


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