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Presidential Swag: Haavard Bakken’s Passat CC


For a while now, I’ve been impatiently waiting to see a proper Passat CC. After seeing Haavard L. Bakken from Drammen, Norway ride, I could definitely say that my wait has come to an end.Last year Haavard was zipping around in a static dropped MKV GTI on 19’s but that didn’t last long after he spent most of his spare time fixing his rattled back after each trip around the block.After lots of searching for a ride that was a bit more practical, he finally came eye to eye with this immaculate black on black 2009 Passat CC TDI. Haavard sold his soul (and his old GTI) to the devil and started his new practical focused build.At first Haavard started leaning toward his old bad habits as the thought of lowering his ride on lowering springs flashed in his mind, that was up until he found himself on the Bag Riders website.A short conversation with owner Will Fisher was all that was needed to pull the plug and pick up a set of rubbers.Air Lift Slam Series keep the front of this ride grounded while Air Lift bags and Koni shocks plant the back side all the way down to the floor. A 5 gallon air reservoir filled by a lonely ViAir 444c compressor is controlled by a top of the line AccuAir E-Level & Touch Pad management system to add the needed practicality to this simple build.Haavard had one last mission to accomplish before the summer wound down, and that would be wheels.  -3.3° of camber was needed to tuck these beautiful 20″ x 8.5″ ET35 and 20″ x 9.5″ ET40 MRR HR3’s polished up the entire look and feel of his Passat. He even added a RNS 510 navigation with Dynaudio and LED lamps to flow with the bad ass truffle interior.An army of one is no army at all.  Helped by Bag Riders for the equipment, Henrik Haugen for the amazing shots, and Jon Christian Aardal (Mspeed on AirSociety forums) for the install advice; Haavard is ready to kick his presidential swag into overdrive and kill the streets of Norway.

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