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Gold Shadow: Steven Lumbrosso’s MK5 Jetta


Today’s feature goes out to a friend, a crew member as well as AirSociety’s newest writer that was introduced to you about a month ago. Steven Lumbrosso’s got the MK5 Jetta that just screams “Gold”.Showing off in his gold diggin’ machine is something Steven is starting to get used to doing. After spending a full summer static and wondering if air suspension was really a viable option for him he knew he had to get more opinionated on the subject.After a few chats with me and a couple of test drives in my old MK5 GLI, he stored his car during the winter and took the time to think everything out properly.Needless to say, what came out of his garage after a painfully cold season was a pot of gold. When I mean gold, I’m talking ’bout 24k SH*T!Montreal roads are bad but we get crazy summers filled with killer events like Eurokracy, so when Steven emerged with a fully shaved MK5 Jetta I was taken aback. I won’t lie, I was more than just a little bit implicated in the project. I was the one guiding him to bag his car and paint his wheels matte black with gloss black lip and 24K gold spike bolts. Steven took my advice and made it into his own reality. Not even 12 hours after the deeds were done I get a call from the man himself breaking it down for me:

Yo Jesse I just ordered 24K gold spike bolts, I’m getting my GLI front grill trim 24K gold dipped along with the 24K gold dipped BBS RS hexes, and on top of it getting my hood and trunk notched so my new Votex front and side skirts with GLI rear can stand out better. By the way I also ordered Air Lift bags with Slam Specialties SS-5’s rears, 5 gallon tank, 3/8″ lines with 2 flow controls, dual ViAir 400c compressors with complimentary AMS water traps.

Hearing all this at 7AM gave me more than enough energy to get me to wake up before my alarm rang.Steven was probably just as excited and didn’t sleep that night but one thing’s for sure, this guy’s got balls to daily drive with this kind of hardware. The way his 18″ x 8″ and 18″ x 9″ BBS Super RS look is pretty much inexplicable in words, it is something you need to see live and in person to understand. The 24K gold accents on this car make her come alive and give her that extra edge above most other bagged MK5’s.Everything from the gold dipped accents to the aftermarket parts were added and install with perfection. Big thanks go out Vitali at Strasse Autowerks for the body work and air suspension install.
Another big thumbs up to Bag Riders for the Air Lift and Slam Specialities gear and to his boys at 2LO Crew, AirSociety and all his friends who were always there to answer his questions and guide him on winterizing his ride.
We are very happy and fortunate to have him as a writer on AirSociety!
Keep up the good work homeboy!

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