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Deutsch Fest Spring BBQ 2012


We had a very busy weekend that saw us head over to Unitronic Chipped‘s head office to be a part of the Deutsch Fest annual BBQ.  Old friends that haven’t seen each other since before winter fell met up again for the event that would kick off Summer 2012 in style.Hundreds of people packed the outdoor parking lot and cozied up side by side with food and drinks in their hands while they talked about their winter projects and summer plans. Although Deutsch Fest is a euro show in Sherbrooke, Quebec, this didn’t stop non-euro cars from dropping by and saying hello.  Sam and Zak Mahmassani came by with their bagged Mazda3 and MK5 Rabbit.It was a warm enough day, so we decided to take our Honda Civic project car out of the garage and onto the road to see what she was made of.It was refreshing to see everyone take a huge interest in our project and ask us about our bag build progression and future ambitions with the car.We loved meeting and greeting with everyone and after seeing everyone so interested in the project we knew we couldn’t slow down.  Our motivation to finish the project has intensified.Luckily we were surrounded by all our fellow air heads who provided more than enough inspiration on their own.  This rusted out MK5 on Rotiform BLQ’s definitely caught our attention. So did this MK4.  As it turns out these wheels used to belong to our friend Big Dave, however they’ve undergone a major overhaul since last summer.The best part of the day was seeing the community come together once again as one giant family and have fun.Because at the end of the day, the Montreal European car community is like no other.  We can be apart for months, but put us together for just one day and it feels like we’ve never left home.


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