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Custom Cobra: Philip Law’s SVT Mustang


Powering down a freeway on a Sunday afternoon in a 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra has its advantages.  Not only was Philip Law able to test the power output of his car, but he knew that once he arrived at his destination he’d have a new set of pictures to hang on his wall back home.I’ve been a fan of his Mustang ever since he started posting pictures and specs of it in our Forums, and after finding out he’s a native Quebecker I knew we had to meet in person.As much as I thought I knew a lot about Phil’s Mustang, he opened my eyes to a lot of behind the scenes reasons that made him go from chopped coils to a complete air ride setup.When he first picked up his ride, Phil knew he wanted to build it up in a way that would speak no one other than himself.  His first step was upping the power output of the motor.Keeping it reliable was Philip’s number one priority. A 2.76″ BilletFlow pulley and 100mm idler gave his blower enough of an upgrade to manage the new custom tuned SCT XCalibrator2 ECU. A full Steeda cat-back exhaust compliments the whining of the supercharger to really make this pony come alive.Now he needed a way to get that power to the ground.  Being a truck driver by profession allowed Phil to score a set of sweet 18 x 9.5″ front and 18 x 11″ rear CCW Classics on meaty tires off another Mustang owner who warned him that they’d be a bitch to clean… but who cares when you’ve got all that shine?All that power and all that bling was fine and dandy, but he wanted more. A call to AccuAir’s head office sealed the deal and soon after Phil was face to face with a full E-Level management setup including ride height sensors, VU-4 manifold, and an AccuAir 5 gallon tank.Being the first time he had ever attempted to install air ride on a car Phil knew he wanted to do it once, and do it right. He called up his buddy Michel Patry to lend him a hand and before they knew it the RideTech CoolRide bags and custom trunk mount were in and ready to roll.Laying frame and trailing sparks was never the endgame while building this Mustang. Phil admitted that he could have played the wheel fitment game and slapped on wider wheels and thinner tires, but then his mustang wouldn’t have been his baby any more (and to be honest once you’re at 11″ wide rears how much wider do you need to go?)I for one am glad to have met Phil and heard his story because at the end of the day if you’re not building your car for yourself then you’re really building it for nobody.
Big thanks to McKeever Detailing for cleaning his car up whenever he calls and most importantly to his girlfriend Veronique because as Phil puts it: “Veronique merite une ronde d’applaudissement pour sa patience et sa tolerance de ma passion pour les autos!” (she puts up with him and his passion).

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