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Cocaine Rumble: Ryan Richey’s Subaru WRX


Today were all in for a treat because Ryan Richey’s bagged 2002 Subaru WRX will give a head rush so bad we’ll need to be hospitalized. For Ryan, getting the ball rolling on this Subby was a bit of a big step as he didn’t really know how where to start.  After spending some time learning more about the car scene in general, he got hooked on wheel fitment.He started off by picking up a set of Rotas, but quickly got tired of them so he started whoring through any fine lady he could get his hands on.  Gotti, WedsSport, and Volk just didn’t cut it; enter a set of chrome 18×8.5″ Work Eurolines and you’re up to date on Ryan’s promiscuous past.There’s no way Ryan wanted to ride around town on coils because there was just no way he’d be able to max out his coils enough to get as low as he wanted to be without breaking something on his car.After talking to his friend with a bagged Jetta, seeing the price of air dropping lower than their cars, his decision was made.  Calls were made right away to his dealer of choice Bag Riders, and before he knew it a full D2 air struts were smuggled onto his ride.  A a 5 gallon tank, ¼” lines and a Thomas 289 compressor keep the juices flowing through his manual management setup. He even notched the frame for an extra bit of low.Ryan’s quest to differentiate himself from the rest of the bagged Subbies in the game was expressed through the interior of his car as well.  A NRG quick release,  Dragon shift knob and a Koi fish wrapped interior bring the zen feeling indoors.A Skunk2 cat back and down pipes were added to the mix to make this beast growl.  Koji headlights, ’04 STi tail lights, Pro Drive lip, JDM aeroguards, front tubbed fenders and a black roof finish everything off.According to Ryan, this whole adventure so far has been really exciting.  What he loves the most is fitting all sorts of wheels on his ride as possible and seeing everyone’s reactions to them.  Everyone might not always like what he does but at the end of the day the only person he’s got to please is himself.  Power to Danny Tang for the kick ass shots, Elite Audio for all the help, Bag Riders for the rubbers, and above all, his girlfriend Tessa for always putting up with his passion.

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