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Zaetech releases the TouchBox: The Ultimate iPhone Air Ride Controller


Bag Riders is proud to announce the distribution of the TouchBox, a new wireless controller designed and manufactured by Zaetech. This system allows you to control your air suspension with your smart phone via WiFi (iPhone) or Bluetooth (Android) communication. By wirelessly replicating the functionality of a traditional wired nine switch box, the user is provided with truly limitless control of their air suspension system. Installation of TouchBox is as easy as any wired analog Switch Box and is compatible with any 12v electric valve system.
Once the system is installed, the user can control their air ride at any time by simply connecting their Smart Phone to the TouchBox device via a free to use app. The app is free to download from the iPhone app store, and coming soon to the Android marketplace. The app itself has unlimited uses, allowing multiple phones to control the same car at no additional cost.

TouchBox creates its own WiFi network wherever you go. You do not need to connect to a pre-existing WiFi network to use this system.

TouchBox is compatible with most management systems
• Analog systems with individual valves
• Analog systems with manifolds
• SwitchSpeed systems
• RidePro e2 and e3 systems
• AutoPilot v1 Systems
• e-Level with RockerSwitch
• e-Level with TouchPad

• 4 corner, 8 valve control
• 3 user-defined Auxiliary Buttons
• Rotatable case faceplate for a visually appealing install
• WiFi communication for iPhone
• Bluetooth communication for Android
• Up to 50ft range
• Optional integration with Zaetech DigiGauge
• Free App
• Free Technical Support

• TouchBox Unit
• Universal wire harness


Pre Order Here


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