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Driven To Success: José Chong’s B6 Passat Wagon


When José Chong purchased his 2008 B6 Volkswagen Passat wagon he had a lot of practical concerns he needed addressed like hauling groceries, his dog and building materials from the local hardware store.  Two years down the line, the itch to go lower started to kick in and he was out of luck of ever finding a cure. Finding a set of Bentley wheels and slapping on a Votex kit is what led José on a hunt that took him on a pretty wild adventure.  He knew his main goal was to make his car as low as humanly possible but being static slammed on B&G coilovers was not only uncomfortable but too damn impractical for everyday driving. Calls went out to Open Road Tuning and soon after José had what he was looking for all along.  Bagyard Bombers were air dropped along with two 3-gallon tanks, and 2 ViAir 444 compressors and he was soon on his way to laying low.Controlling José’s setup from the ground up is an e-Level management system from AccuAir mated to a VU-4 manifold.  This seems like a match made in heaven. José’s next step was to get a unique set of wheels as his old Bentleys just weren’t cutting it any more.  After weeks of searching he found a man in the U.K. selling a set of ultra rare 18 x 8.5″ OZ Fittipaldi’s and bought them right away.  Shortly after receiving the set (that was stamped ET37 on the inside) he noticed that there was a huge problem, the real offset of these wheels happened to be +10! Heartbroken that he wouldn’t be able to eat rim, José decided that putting them up for sale wasn’t an option and after a lot of researching online he decided to step it up yet another notch. In came the first mission: finding a shop that would be able to shave 5 millimeters off the back of the wheel.  NGP Racing took on the task and helped give José some much-needed breathing room.  Fitting 215/35/18 tires and 4 degrees of negative camber was the last thing needed and before he knew it, José was tucking balls deep. José was now able to rest easy knowing that he could park harder than anyone with a B6 Passat wagon should normally be able to.  Jose still has some plans for this car because after all, once you start modding it’s just so damn hard to stop.  He’s planning on upgrading his stock 2.0T  motor from an APR stage 1 to a stage 2+ setup.  Thanks to the guys at Open Road Tuning, NGP racing, and of course Matthew Wiese for these amazing shots, José is now able to make his impossible dream possible.

He chose to get the E-level management from Accu-Air and made sure that the PTC fittings were all brass. It’s been about 6 months that the system was installed and up to date everything is proving to be rock solid.

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