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A Dish Served Cold: Sam Mahmassani’s Mazda3


Nothing feels better than writing an article on a car that I admire so much. Grabbing everyone’s attention driving around the city of Montreal, Canada, Sam Mahmassani’s Mazda3 is not the typical Mazda fan boy’s ride.Sam just entered the big boy’s league and stepped out of the haters circle. When I say “haters”, I mean it with all due respect.  As a ex Mazda3 owner, I’ve seen my fair share of drama when I first to put a stretched tire on a rim that was just a little too wide.Hold on, you really gotta read about this.  The question I asked back in 2006 was: would it be possible to fit a 215-40-18 tire on a 18×8″ wheel?  The replies I got were just insane.  People were telling me that I’d be mental to stress my tires by stretching them on that wide of a wheel and that it wouldn’t respect the recommended load rating. My answer was a very simple LOL.  Now I sit back and imagine the comments coming out of the community over seeing shots of this bad boy sitting on deep and wide rims.  Sam and his brother Zak decided to slap a set of one of a kind 17×9″ custom-built BBS RS with polished lips and chrome faces on 205-40-17’s Nankang NS-II’s.  Oh ya, a little -7.0 rear camber was needed to make em tuck in the rear and about -4.0 for a bit of flushness up front, on top of fender pulling and rolling of course.Now that he had is rims, Sam’s love affair with air ride needed to be fulfilled.  His story began a year ago when I rolled by his place and pulled over to give him props for his static slammed Mazda3.  We chatted a bit and eventually the talk turned to bags.2011 comes and goes and next thing I know, Sam’s got an order of AirREX bags on the way with gangster wheels.  He contacted Wing over at MemoryFab for an air ride setup and got his 12-way adjustable dampening Air Rex struts & bags with adjustable camber plates on order.  Since the Air Lift Autopilot V2 was fresh on the market and a couple of the boys were ordering it for their rides, Sam chose to pair the struts with the management for a match made in heaven.  1/4″ lines, Dual ViAir 400cc compressors and a 5 gallon tank complete the package and make for one Hell of a Mazda.The urge to get lower kicked in mid winter and after months of eating him up on the inside Sam took the car over to Strasse Autowerks to get this thing laying which he picked up a couple of days later and found out that the rear wasn’t sitting low enough.  His solution came easily enough.  A quick call to Andy at All Day Fab saw a set of custom rear lower control arms come his way and bingo, problem solved!Let’s just hope that people appreciate this thing because it took a ton of hard work to get it to look as unique and amazing as it does today.  Props to Sam for not only being original but for having balls to drive around town with this thing daily!

Fun Fact: Sam is the second person in Montreal to run AirREX after our buddy Tyler with the Darth Vader STI.

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