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The California Breeze: Dion Inutan’s B6 A4


Last November we got a glimpse of Dion Inutan’s bagged 2002 Audi A4 1.8t in a video feature released by AccuAir.  Today, we’re going to take a closer look at this German work of art and see how Dion’s ride has progressed in the last few months.Under the hood (moreover under the Carbonio carbon fiber engine cover) of this silver beast lies a mean motor.  Dion made sure that this car would not only look good but would also be able to haul some serious but due to a Eurocode K04 upgraded turbo, Revo ECU flash with SPS3, and a Eurocode tuning test pipe and front mount intercooler.The exterior of a car is what really catches the eye.  This B6 is equipped with a full Kersher carbon fiber front and rear end which is color matched to the rest of the ride.  One thing you guys probably can’t get your eyes off is the custom metal boser hood! Damn that makes that front end so complete and original. I guess my next step writing this article would be looking at the interior but the only three letters that kept popping up in my head are OMG.  The headliners, pillars, door cards and outer seat bolsters are wrapped in red suede.  Calling it swagger would be an insult, I’m opting more for boss status.My personal motto is that a car is made by its ride height and wheels; Dion, you’ve proven me right on this.  This A4’s air ride specs will make your heart palpitate.  A wise choice began with an AccuAir e-Level eXo Mount management setup that controls dual ViAir 444c compressors.Bagyard Bombers call the front end of this ride their home with neighbor Bagyard Classics and Bilstein shocks guarding the rear. Still not impressed?  I saved the best for last. That being a set of machine faced, concave 19 x 9.5″ Rotiform BLQ’s wrapped in Toyo T1S’s.  I’ve always had a weakness for these wheels, I even had them on my own MK5 at one point.One last thing you guys need to see and read about this bad boy is the trunk setup.  I haven’t seen something this tight since my high school girlfriend, did I just write that?  Dion added a full custom audio setup consisting of Eclipse, Audison, Morel, and Hertz hardware housed in a fiberglass enclosure around the VU-4 manifold and damn, it looks dope!As much as you try, it’s almost impossible to build a car on your own.  Big thanks to Bryan “skunk2uned” Carbero for providing these killer shots.  We’re also happy to write that a lot of the information Dion collected on our Forums was able to guide him into making the choices you see before you.  Cheers buddy!

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