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Monthly archives: April 2012

Heisman: Patrick Inumerable's Acura TSX

Patrick Inumerable’s demonic Acura TSX is back with a new set of wheels and is looking meaner than ever.  This short clip filmed and edited by Mikal Soriano shows why this Hawaiian native is such a stand out at any car show he goes to.

More Dishes Part Deuce

After hearing lots of controversy about Sam’s car featured last week ( A Dish served cold ) we thought we’d snap some better pics of his ride. Not that we expect people to change minds on it but at least we tried and bring you better pics that actually reflects the true swagger of this car. For those who don’t understand why we’re doing this, well, let’s just say this car […]

Driven To Success: José Chong's B6 Passat Wagon

When José Chong purchased his 2008 B6 Volkswagen Passat wagon he had a lot of practical concerns he needed addressed like hauling groceries, his dog and building materials from the local hardware store.  Two years down the line, the itch to go lower started to kick in and he was out of luck of ever finding a cure. Finding a set of Bentley wheels and slapping on a Votex kit […]

A Dish Served Cold: Sam Mahmassani's Mazda3

Nothing feels better than writing an article on a car that I admire so much. Grabbing everyone’s attention driving around the city of Montreal, Canada, Sam Mahmassani’s Mazda3 is not the typical Mazda fan boy’s ride.Sam just entered the big boy’s league and stepped out of the haters circle. When I say “haters”, I mean it with all due respect.  As a ex Mazda3 owner, I’ve seen my fair share […]

Matt Falcone's Portable Food Processor

A while back we showcased Matt Falcone’s MK5 GTI on Kleemann TS-7’s and boy were we happy to see him send us this video produced by Halcyon Photography. Taking a cruise down the mean streets of New York City has its advantages, namely showing off the parking height to the locals. Of course when your wheel setup is as killer as Matt’s is, you’re gonna get a ton of looks. […]

The California Breeze: Dion Inutan's B6 A4

Last November we got a glimpse of Dion Inutan’s bagged 2002 Audi A4 1.8t in a video feature released by AccuAir.  Today, we’re going to take a closer look at this German work of art and see how Dion’s ride has progressed in the last few months.Under the hood (moreover under the Carbonio carbon fiber engine cover) of this silver beast lies a mean motor.  Dion made sure that this […]