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It’s a GTI Thing



Many people still don’t get the whole roof rack, mix matching wheels and other themes going on in the dub scene but at the end of the day it remains a question of styling and personal taste.  By catering to his own tastes, Matt Wobbleton’s 2006 GTI is one of the freshest looking players in the game.MK5-GTI-RH-Porsche-P-3-1.6-Bagged-Air-Suspension-Ride-001I know that feeling of coming home to the wife and being asked: “How can you keep me for so long when you can’t even keep a set of wheels for a month?” Noticing that Matt is married to a hardcore VW and modified car fanatic, he must get away with these questions a lot easier than I do.MK5-GTI-RH-Porsche-P-3.6-Bagged-Air-Suspension-Ride-005From playing with Hot Wheels toys as a kid to riding low and popping his first V-TECCCCCCCCCCC  in as a teenager to finally enter the dub world and bagging a Mark 5, I learned that Matt and I had a lot more in common than I previously knew.MK5-GTI-RH-Porsche-P-3.6-Bagged-Air-Suspension-Ride-002Choosing Air Lift XL front bag struts & Slam Specialties RE5 rear bags with the well-known Dorbritz D-Cups, the similarities continued.  For management Matt went with the ASCO 8-way valve setup and AVS 7-switch switchbox.  MK5-GTI-RH-Porsche-P-3-1.6-Bagged-Air-Suspension-Ride-004Dual ViAir 400c compressors fuel a 5 gallon skinny tank to provide the energy to lift the weight of his MK5.  Capping it off with a dual needle ViAir gauge mounted in a euro dash cubby and of course a notched frame with deleted front sway bar, she’s joyfully sitting just right.  I guess it makes 2 happy campers.MK5-GTI-RH-Porsche-P-3.6-Bagged-Air-Suspension-Ride-010As is normal, most people differ on wheels to separate themselves from the crowd and personalize their ride even further.  From hella-tuck to mexi-poke, mega stretch to true square, smaller 17’s to bigger 19’s, this time Matt gave it a shot with some RH ZW1’s in 17×8″ fronts & 17×9″ rears.  Now she’s got a nice amount of tuck that makes the car look just as it should, grounded!MK5-GTI-RH-Porsche-P-3.6-Bagged-Air-Suspension-Ride-003A lot of subtle mods including Euro bumpers and lip, R32 tails, gloss black roof with shaved antenna, and more bring an extra bit of flair to this slammed GTI, but what draws my attention is the 360mm Nardi steering wheel.  Its vintage styling looks so good inside the modern interior!MK5-GTI-RH-Porsche-P-3.6-Bagged-Air-Suspension-Ride-006Now the sad part that no one wants to read… After whoring through many sets of wheels, 5 different brands of static suspensions before air ride, counties modifications and time invested, this beauty was involved in a head on deer collision causing over $8000 worth of damage. The good thing that came out of it is that Matt was eating deer burgers for a month, however sadly after fixing the car he felt it wasn’t the same any more and so he sold it.

Matt is still around riding a MK3.5 Cabrio, but the memory of his MK5 GTI lives on online.  We appreciate you letting us feature this car and sharing your story knowing that you usually keep things on the down low.  Good luck with the wife and future projects brother, we know they’ll be killer!MK5-GTI-RH-Porsche-P-3.6-Bagged-Air-Suspension-Ride-007

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