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A Texan Homicide: Brendan Hinds’ Bagged S5


This bagged Audi is not your typical daily grocery getter.  Brendan Hinds’ 2010 Audi S5 roars through the streets of Dallas-Fort Worth not only with its AWE tuned engine, exhaust, and downpipes; but with enough ground control to give NASA a run for its money.This Texan bad boy took murder to a whole new level and equipped his car with the best parts he could find. A Rieger RS5 front bumper, side skirts and rear starts the car off on a very sporty yet aggressive foot. Continuing on perfecting the exterior, Branden equipped a set of Europrice headlights delivering both depth and quality to the front end of the vehicle.  But not to worry, he made sure his Audi would be able to haul ass too.A complete AWE tuning unleashed the beast within the naturally aspirated 4.2L V8 motor.  Coupled with AWE headers and a full cat-back exhaust; this Audi is now purring like a lion. When there’s murder, there’s usually blood.  In Branden’s case, everything from the blood red bucket seats to the JHM red stitched solid short shifter call for trauma surgeons to be called wherever he drives.To own an S5 is to own perfection.  When Branden started to shop around for a set wheels that would do the car justice he knew he needed something that would add, and not take away from his experience.  Enter Vossen Wheels.Sleek and concave 20 x 10.5″ Vossen CV3’s compliment her like no other wheel could.  To to add a bit of spice to the mix, 5mm spacers push the rear wheels out till they almost kiss the fender.Driving in Dallas has its hazards.  Being the owner of a low car myself, we all have the fear of one day cruising over a pothole and destroying the fruit of our labor.  Branden knew in order to keep his ride safe from speed bumps and broken roads he needed to do something special to his ride.Phone calls to Air Lift and Accu-Air went out.  Combined together, the XL slam bags and E-Level management keep this German brute safe and sound at all times.  When death calls, how will you answer? With help from Accu-Air, Air Lift, Vossen Wheels, Dorbritz Designs, D.TEK, Europrice and Steve’s automotive refinishing, Brendan can safely say he’ll make the bastard wait as long as he can.

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