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Sliced: Matt Falcone’s MK5 GTI


Being different in the VW scene is becoming a more and more difficult achievement to reach.  When Matt Falcone set off making his 2006 GTI stand out, he got to experience this journey first hand.Starting like many of us did, Matt bumped and scraped himself around the Wayne, NJ streets slammed on coils for months before he had had enough and moved get it more practical.Calling Bag Riders to order the new air suspension parts was the easy part, waiting for the parts to arrive proved to be a bit more difficult.While he played the waiting game for his bags to arrive, Matt managed to find a set of wheels with edges so sharp Chef Gordon Ramsey called and offered to rock them as a food processor.A set of hard to find machine finished 18 x 8.5″ Kleemann Ts-7 wheels differentiate this GTI in ways other wheels would only be able to do in dreams.  Now he needed to make em tuck just right.By time the wheels were slapped on the Air Lift Slam Series front bag struts and UAS Air House 2 rear balloons on Dorbritz Designs D-Cups came in and needed to be installed.  There was hardly a moment to breathe in between.Controlling the rubbers in each corner is an AVS Brass Knuckle styled 7-Speed switch box mated to an AccuAir VU-4 manifold.  Dual ViAir 444c compressors pump air into a 5-gallon skinny tank to complete the setup that Matt calls perfect.The rest of this ride is a personification of Matt’s hard earning mentality.  Working full time in a lumber mill to support his addiction and his school courses, this 20 year old needs to be appreciated for the hard work and dedication involved in making this ride special.Big thanks to Matt for the feature, Halycon Photography for the pics, and Misha (Rat4Life) for the air install.

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