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Canadian Greenback: Randy Letkeman’s W115


The sight of money is known to have a huge psychological effect on people.  Simply catching a glimpse of a crisp $100 bill stimulates something deep down that is unexplainable to most.  Randy Letkeman’s 1976 Mercedes 300D stimulates this same primal urge but manages to take it to a whole new level.Calling Kitchener, Ontario his home, this Canadian innovator has very different plans for his Mercedes when he first picked it up.Originally bought as a winter beater in 2007, things took a turn for the worse during that same cold winter as it was t-boned by a Lexus.  Randy limped the car home with a bent door and b-pillar and planned his next move.While most might have scrapped the car then and there, Randy saw an opportunity to breathe new life into a tired old ride.  He immediately took the Merc to a body shop and had the pillar and door pulled back into its original shape.A fresh coat of paint was now needed to make her pop.  Randy dug through his pantone color chart and chose a custom green for the body and an off white, cream color for the roof and accents.16×7″ and 16×8″ BBS RS reps were put on initially as a temporary wheel setup, but grew on Randy more and more.  So he had them color matched with the car and has been riding hard ever since. Naturally once the car was painted, and the wheels were chosen, Randy needed to get his ride lower.  Here’s where the magic happens.A phone call to Kevin at Air Assisted was made and a set of Slam Specialties RE5 and RE6 bags were ordered to replace the old coils in the stock shocks.  Custom brackets were made for both the front and rear bags so they could sit securely on the shocks.  A single ViAir 480c compressor hooked up to a 5 gallon tank and four manual paddle valves keep this air setup as simple as it can get.As Randy put it: “The very first night that I put the air ride in, it was euphoric”.  He grabbed four of his buddies and dragged the car all around town.  Unfortunately the original motor mounts were sagging and Randy tore out an oil pan but it was all worthwhile for that small moment of joy.Passion breeds success.  After seeing Randy’s W115 we can safely say this one of a kind Mercedes will continue tickling our senses in ways only imaginable.  Although this ride’s been sold, we anxiously await what’s next!

Big thanks go out to Kevin at Air Assisted for the air ride knowledge and support, and DW from Welder Series for building the custom brackets needed to fit the bags on the car.

Anyone looking for more info on Randy’s build should definitely check out his build thread HERE.

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