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Monthly archives: March 2012

Bagged Mercedes 300D W115 Wallpapers

Yesterday we showcased Randy Letkeman’s 1976 Mercedes 300D and brought forward the hard work involved in building this one of a kind W115. Giving back to you our readers is something we love doing, so we put together these fine wallpapers for everyone.  Enjoy!

Canadian Greenback: Randy Letkeman's W115

The sight of money is known to have a huge psychological effect on people.  Simply catching a glimpse of a crisp $100 bill stimulates something deep down that is unexplainable to most.  Randy Letkeman’s 1976 Mercedes 300D stimulates this same primal urge but manages to take it to a whole new level.Calling Kitchener, Ontario his home, this Canadian innovator has very different plans for his Mercedes when he first picked […]

Sam's Bagged Mazda3

It’s scary being an early adopter of new technology.  Taking existing products and slapping them into a new platform sounds simple on its own, however when Sam Mahmassani decided to bag his Mazda3 the only source of information to go to in case something went wrong was himself. Sam’s been keeping us up to date in our Forum on the progression of his Bag Build so we’ve been able to […]

A Texan Homicide: Brendan Hinds' Bagged S5

This bagged Audi is not your typical daily grocery getter.  Brendan Hinds’ 2010 Audi S5 roars through the streets of Dallas-Fort Worth not only with its AWE tuned engine, exhaust, and downpipes; but with enough ground control to give NASA a run for its money.This Texan bad boy took murder to a whole new level and equipped his car with the best parts he could find. A Rieger RS5 front […]

Rat Bike HD Wallpapers

After the overwhelmingly positive response from yesterday’s article of Rasmus Ødegaard’s Rat Bike we knew we had to make some 1920 x 1080 HD wallpapers.  Enjoy everyone!

Wanted: Rasmus Ødegaard's Rat Bike

Rat styled rides are a cross between steampunk and scrapyard.  This one of a kind rat bike owned by Rasmus Ødegaard calls Lillestrøm, Norway its home but it still shares a connection to the American soil in which it was created.Rasmus’ story began after browsing the internet looking for a style of bike that was different from what he’s used to seeing around the Norwegian roads.  Eventually he came across […]