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Snowflakes in Florida


Living in a state that’s warm year round definitely has its advantages, but sometimes when Will Reilly from UroTuning stares out his window, visions of winter start racing through his mind. He knew he had to do something to his MK4 GLI to bring him closer to seeing snowflakes in Florida…When fifteen52 announced the upcoming release of the classic Snowflake wheel design, Euro car enthusiasts young and old jumped for joy as they’d finally be able to bring a vintage touch to their modern rides. Will’s Jetta on 18×8.5″ rollers is a prime example of this and proves that sometimes less is more.Will’s story starts off with a hunt for a replacement car after his previous PG GLI (named Elaine) was totaled in an accident. He eventually came across a clean one in PA with low mileage and took a flight up to see her in person.  Before he knew it, a fist full of dollars was handed to the old owner and Will was on the road, back to Florida with the car of his dreams.

Dual Air Lift XL’s up front and Air Lift sleeves in the back rise and lower this ride like a church congregation. The front sway bar went the way of the dodo and to ensure maximum slammage was achieved the passenger side subframe was notched. Quality bags need quality management. The GLI’s AccuAir E-Level setup communicates with a VU-4 manifold to supply air from a Bag Riders 5 gallon tank and dual ViAir 444c compressors through 3/8″ lines to keep her leveled at all times.Will’s days of scraping and rubbing everywhere on coilovers are now behind him and he can focus on the fun part of owning a MK4, wrenching and tweaking her to his liking.

Big shout outs go to Will’s Mom, Dad, and brother Brian for helping him through the rough patches this past year. Thanks go out to UroTuning for not only providing him a steady paycheque but for parts as well. Cory G needs mention for the constant alignment and tire hookups. Christian, Taiter and Raffia get big rounds of applause for helping him work on the car. The whole Gulf Coast Euros crew and VWVortex favorites .Ant, DutchMastR9, Clean PG, and our boy Santi get shout outs for both guiding and inspiring Will to do better.May the ghost of Elaine always guide you Will!

Thanks to Jake Tompkins Photography for the quality photography!

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