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The Slam Van


Let’s say you had to buy a minivan today, which one would you pick? The answer will probably be: none of them cause I’m too cool for them!  Jonathan Fong from Auto Customs in Hawaii said screw it, and built a 2011 Toyota Sienna fit for a king.The whole purpose of Jonathan buying this van was to carry the newborn baby twins around safely and securely and to please the wife when going grocery shopping. Of course a tweak here and there couldn’t possible hurt anyone right?Taking your run of the mill grocery gettin’ minivan and jamming it with enough style and swagger to give Kanye West a run for his money is no easy task.  It all started with a simple phone call to Vossen.  Being in the wheel and tire business for about 15 years, choosing the perfect shoes to complement the car’s body lines wasn’t a problem.  A set of 20 x 10.5” CV3’s in silver/machined finished were slapped on and wrapped in Falken FK452 rubbers.Having a killer wheel setup is nice and all but something was missing to make her pop.  Hawaii’s primo air suspension gurus Paul and Marshall from ForjWorks were called up to lend a hand.

UAS Aero Sport front strut bags and UAS Air House II rear bags were installed to offer maximum levels of low when parked.Of course bagging a Sienna has its fair share of custom work and getting the UAS bags to fit snug was a challenge.  Custom fabricated ForjWorks Air Systems front brackets and rear cups were installed and make sure his babies are safe at all times.A single ViAir 480c compressor mated to a chrome plated aluminum 4 gallon tank was tucked neatly upside down underneath the trunk so Jonathan could keep all his storage space free for transporting his baby diaper bag and playpen around town.When it comes to staying safe and level at all times, there’s no better product than an AccuAir’s E-Level management setup mated to an AccuAir VU-4 manifold, which is exactly why it’s on this ride.Thanks to Jonathan’s keen eye, his family will stay safe and firmly grounded at all times.  Big thanks go out to Marshall and Paul from ForjWorks, Noah at Fred’s Auto Top Shop, Vossen Wheels, Falken Tires his business partners Jeff and Jubahl at Auto Customs, and of course special thanks to his wife and 3 month old twins (who the van is actually for).

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