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It’s A Love-Hate Thing


If you ever come across a MK3 GTI one day and decide you want to buy it, you might wanna have a chat with someone who’s owned one first.  Most owners like Georgie Guevara will tell you stories about the love-hate relationship they have with their ride which might include both swearing and tender words all in the same sentence.

Looking at this ride is like falling in love with a bartender in a strip club.  Before you get all the wrong ideas just wait a minute and let me explain…

Being surrounded by loads of fakes that will take you for a spin for under $200 is fine for some people, but the lady behind the counter is the one that will really rock your world.

Georgie’s MK3 is my lady behind the counter.  Fake splits be damned, this blue bombshell is sitting pretty dumped on 16×8″ and 16×9″ Gotti J55A 3-piece wheels.  Slap this car in the middle of 2-3 other over modded MK3’s and I know which one will come out the winner.Modified on the outside with a minimalistic look but with amazing styling, this 1996 GTI packs a punch under the hood as well.  A 2.8L 12V VR6 motor with a GIAC ECU reflash, 268 cams, 2.9 clone manifold, ABD big bore intake, Pelequin LSD and a catback system get her where she needs to be at all hours of the day.An Air Lift slam series bag setup is what really makes her shine.  Installed with a ViAir 400c compressor, ¼” lines, a skinny 5 gallon tank and a nice little manual management controller, it really compliments her shiny new shoes. Georgie opted for bags for the same reason most of us roll on air, practicality.  Riding high and parking low solves a lot of the pan scraping and frame smashing issues that go hand in hand with most cruises around town.

When all is said and done and the swearing dies down, the only thing that matters is the love and passion that makes you who you are and the journey worthwhile.  Thanks for letting us take that ride with you Georgie!

Shout outs go to Georgie’s girlfriend for putting up with the car she hates for the man she loves.  His friends Ceejay, Sam, Will, Christian, and Justin at UroTuning for always helping him out when he was in a tight spot.  And last but not least to his team, his family, Squadron one!

Shout out to the very talented Jake Tompkins from Jake Tompkins Photography for these beautiful shots.


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