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Just Lay Low


Hooked is what I think of when Deven Ramsey shares his love story with his 3 bagged trucks. You read right, THREE bagged trucks. Being a member of IV EVER LOW Kansas Chapter, he knew he had to step up if he was going to be taken seriously in the minitruckin’ community with his 2001 Toyota Tacoma.As far as I can tell the minitruckin’ air ride scene is divided in two groups. The standard dropped guys and the bodydroppers.

While most will bag them using a standard notch and bridge (airbags mounted directly on top of the axle), others will take this approach and go the hard core way: a reverse four link bag over axle setup (try saying that five times fast).
In order to max out his lowing capacity, dual ViAir 480c compressors feed air through custom assembled SMC valves and then travel via meaty 1/2″ air lines to fill the color matched tank. Torsion-styled brackets and flipped upper and lower ball joints are what keep the front suspension grounded.If you plan on body dropping your truck like Deven’s green giant you’re gonna have to get some massive rollers that dig into the truck bed. Midway through the bodywork, it was discovered that the original bed was in such bad shape that it couldn’t be repaired, so a new bed was picked up, raised, shaved and stretched to clear the rear wheels. The traditional rockers were tubbed and rolled to get them to fit the massive 20” ADR wheels properly. Deven’s truck’s back side has got a little something for everyone. Tacoma connoisseurs are going to be able to spot the subtle mods like the 4WD fenders, while minitruckin’ enthusiasts will appreciate the custom Line-X coated stock bed with sheet metal inserts, Grant Kustoms rear skin and flared bedsides.

The exterior saw equally exquisite craftsmanship as the door handles, antenna and hood squirters were shaved clean off. The whole body was stripped and smoothed before being sent off to Brandon and Jimmy at the Drag Shop in West Virginia for a full PPG Fine Sublime Metallic paint job and pinstriping.A clean and flashy exterior needs and equally clean and flashy interior. While the body was busy getting painted, the interior trim pieces were color matched and smoothed out to offer a one of a kind driving experience. Gotta love that center console!The standard 2.4L four cylinder motor was also treated to the same styling as the exterior as the valve cover was color matched and pinstriped to match the rest of the motif.
When a ride is as well thought out and put together like this one is you can’t help but stop and stare. Of course a flashy green exterior doesn’t hurt either. Deven’s Tacoma is a good clean ride that shows the lighter side to the minitruckin’ community, we’re glad we could be here to show it to the world.  Photos via Grand Cox Photography.

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