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Part 1 – The Tear Down


As we get older and life’s hardships take their toll on us, we tend to go back in our memories and remember all the things of our youth that made us truly feel free.  This is how our story starts, and Jesse James’ 1990 Honda Civic is our ticket to liberty.We didn’t know when we set off on our journey that we’d be face to face with the same EF sedan that Jesse was wrenching on 15 years earlier.  Truthfully we didn’t know what to expect when we got the call confirming it was still in existence as emotions were high.It was in much better shape than we thought it would be truthfully.  The body was still intact, the electronics still worked, and except for a few spider webs and worn out components the interior was functional.  The biggest test came when we went to start her up as she hadn’t been started in almost 4 years, sure enough we gave her a fresh battery and she turned over without breaking a sweat.  Gotta love Honda’s for that.Boom, we emptied our wallets, drove her to Strasse Autowerks for immediate dismantling.  Now, anyone who’s ever owned an EF will tell you that these things get damn close to the ground with just coilovers, so why the Hell would anyone want to do anything different? The answer is simple, we want to go lower.  So we called up Air Lift and asked them to send us boxes of goodies to get us eating pavement as soon as possible, and boy did they deliver…

Nice shiny new front strut/bags and rear bags were sent our way in no time flat.  Now comes the hard part, getting it put together to our liking.

Stay tuned for more updates as our bag build progresses and let us know what you think in our forums ( ).


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