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Winter Wonderlow


Winter in Montreal can be brutal.  We’ve been known to brave -30°C (-22°F) temperatures with blistering winds and snow so icy it stings your eyes.  This harsh world we live in is a perfect environment to test what Tyler Williams’ bagged STi is made of.subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-001When Tyler first decided to bag his 2011 STi he knew he wouldn’t have anyone else’s experiences to fall back on in case things went wrong.  Being an early adopter definitely takes big balls, especially when you’re daily driving your ride in these brutal conditions.subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-011When we set off to take pictures of his ride I was curious to see how his AirREX air suspension setup was holding up since the fall.  What he answered surprised me.subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-012If you’ve been following our Winter Preparation Threads in our Forums (HERE + HERE + HERE) you’ll know many people have a variety of tips and tricks to survive the winter with your bagged ride which range from putting alcohol or anti-freeze in the water traps & tank all the way to installing an Alcohol Evaporator (HERE) to ensure your lines don’t freeze up and leave you stranded.subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-016Tyler on the other hand said “To Hell with it!” He’s been driving all winter long the same as the day it was installed and has only emptied his water traps to fill up his water bottle and quench his thirst.subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-003Most manufacturers would suggest against doing this of course so don’t go using your tank as an emergency water resevoir just yet.  Universal Air recommends applying a few drops of Airbrake Anti-Freeze (HERE) in your system as a preventative measure to strengthen the life span and reliability of your setup when there’s under 6 hours of daylight each day.subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-004subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-023Don’t get him wrong, Tyler loves his STi to death and maintains it like it’s his baby.  The most important reason why he bagged his ride in the first place was because he wanted to enjoy his purchase without having to worry about scrapping his undercarriage every time he took it for a spin around town.  subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-021bUnfortunately this level of practicality hasn’t been met with positive words everywhere he’s gone because ironically the thing that makes this car so recognizable is the same thing that brings on so much heat.  He’s dealt with a lot of negativity from people in the Subaru community because of his bags and has regularly had to defend his ride from insults hurled half a world away.subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-017subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-018Maybe Tyler’s biggest accomplishment is more than the act of installing air suspension on a street version of a rally car.  Maybe it is the fact that he changed people’s perceptions of what is possible to do to a class of vehicle that most have pigeon-holed into a corner for half a generation.subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-007subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-015Thankfully we’ve got folks like Tyler in the automotive community because without people like him pushing the envelope and trying new things, our community as a whole would be stuck in the dark ages.subaru-sti-te-37-te37-bagged-air-suspension-snow-airsociety-005

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