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The Haves and Have-Nots


James Wallace out of the UK has the kind of ride most dream of owning.  This subtle and cleanly customized 1986 Volkswagen Passat 1.8CL Wagon that was bagged by Havair out of Hastings, England is definitely worthy of anyone’s car collection.
As spotless as it looks today, this Passat wasn’t always destined for great things.  James had to rescue it from the car crusher before he could even start ordering parts.
The previous owner was an elderly woman who was told that she was no longer fit to drive and that she had to get rid of her car.  Instantly crushed that she’d have to part with her prized possession, her heartache was made worse when the only offer to come through was by the local scrap yard for the measly sum of £250.  That was until James came along.
Two weeks of tense negotiations later, James was finally able to drive away in a Passat with only 22, 450 miles on the clock.  A damn good save.
The first order of business was cleaning her up and slapping on some 17″ Fuchs rims proper enough to serve dinner on.
Next game the good stuff.  Havair front and Firestone rear bags really set this car apart from the rest.  Fueled by a ViAir 380c compressor and 3 gallon tank she was soon parking crooked all day long.
Custom Chapman rear tables along with a bit of chassis notching finalized this project for now, but James has big plans for this upcoming season which include a 130BHP 1.9 TDI engine swap.
A clean-cut guy like James was truly blessed by saving this pristine B2 Passat from being melted down into raw materials.  In the end he proved that with a little perseverance and a lot of hard work, big things can happen to anyone!

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